Dome, Mandurah

Front of Dome
Front of Dome
View from inside
View from inside
Comfy sofa
Comfy sofa
Front Counter
Front Counter

Another review on DOME but for the NEW outlet in Mandurah and the lunch menu.

DOME opened a new outlet at Halls Head Parade in Mandurah, right underneath a brand new apartment, overlooking the beach.  I was looking forward to going there on this hot summer New Year’s Day (no nicer way to relax than to have lunch & coffee with such a nice view).  I was doubly surprised when I realised the apartments above the cafe might be the ones the company I used to work at designed the electrical services for, I remember checking and changing the outdoor lightings, brings back memories.

I’ve always liked DOME as they have really nice sofas you can sit on (as shown).  Their coffees and lunch are not bad either.  They have a wide variety of drinks and serve both breakfast (reviewed by S.T), lunch and dinner.  On this occassion, we ordered for drinks: Chai Latte, Mango Mania, Long Macchiato and Ginger Beer (from Margaret River). 

93 78 89 102

For lunch, we had the following:

  • Fish & Chips with Salad (Review: Fish was crunchy and nicely battered, salad is a plus – healthy eating)
  • Tandoori Chicken in Turkish Bread (Review: Good amount of chicken sandwiched between toasted bread)
  • Calamari Rings & Chips with Salad (Review: Crunchy calamari rings, sauce was creamy and went well with the rings)
  • Chicken Pie (Review: I wanted to eat this dish the most but was slightly disappointed with it – looked better in the menu)
  • Minestrone Soup (Review: Tasted a bit too sourish – insufficient amount of ingredients in the soup to be filling)

Chicken Tandoori Calamari Rings

112 Minestrone Soup

Chicken Pie

In conclusion, great atmosphere with natural sea breeze and ceiling fans, great food and drinks…a nice place to relax in for a meal…better still, if you purchase one of the apartments above, you can go everyday.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Telephone: TBA
Address: 11 Halls Head Parade, Mandurah

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  • Sandra Megan

    January 15, 2009

    YEHHH!! I love this place too. =)))) hee. I love the whole of Mandurah – I find it such a relaxing place to be in. =) WHEE. I should really try the food there – only been there for coffee.

  • Kerrie Woods

    August 4, 2009

    I found them to be totally rude (cleaning our table and clearing our plates before we had even finished). Three of us Mum’s had arranged to try out the new Dome several months ago for our catch-up coffee. We don’t often get out and when we do manage to get organised we expect to be treated like a normal paying (kiddy-free) patron. We all found them to be not at all baby-friendly, very poky, not a lot of atmosphere and not at all like traditional Dome’s (kind of weird being lodged under an apartment block). We got the general feeling that we weren’t wanted and as a result will not be returning. Word of mouth travels very far, especially in a small town like Mandurah. We have told everyone we know of our experience there. Dreadful service.

    • Sue

      April 23, 2010

      Thats so weird that you had a bad experience there, maybe it was you ? I say this because I worked there for some time, and we had people that came in every day of the year they loved it so much, our service was second to none, we had an incredible amount of positive feedback, and the reason we cleared plates so quickly, was so that you could enjoy a coffee or a wine after your meal, without putting your arms in dirty dishes, so, actually, that IS what good service is all about….

  • natashalam

    August 5, 2009

    Hi Kerrie,
    Thanks for your comment. I can understand what you mean about rude service!! had a few experiences of those before..and it can be a big turn-off. However, I normally tend to give them a second chance (unless if the service is directly from the owner) as sometimes they can’t help hiring staff that do not have the right attitude or are having a bad day. Maybe you could give them your feedback and see what they say!

    By the way, thanks for reading our blog =)


  • Mashma

    August 19, 2009

    Hi Kerri,
    I am a staff member (coffee maker) at Dome Halls Head.
    On behalf of the cafe I appologise for you experience. We do try to make all of our customers feel at home when they are in the cafe. Our aim is to deliver a pleasent and relaxing atmosphere with friendly service. Dome does not discriminate with their service. Whether you have children with you or not should not change the outcome of your experience with us.
    If you have had a bad experience the best thing to do is contact the manager on duty. If a staff member is rude of uninviting their attitude cannot be changed if we do not know there is a problem.
    Perhaps next time you will think twice before having a whine on the internet about your experience when this simple problem could be fixed straight away.
    We appreciate constructive critisism from our customers and welcome any feedback.

    • Kerrie

      March 19, 2010

      Good to see your reply but I tend to agree with Chriv’…this is a blog so it’s hardly whining. I happen to know the owner and have “whined” about it…so perhaps you should check your facts first before sniping on the internet. Thanks for your comment Chriv’ 🙂

  • Chriv'

    March 10, 2010

    Wow, ‘Mashma’, representative of the dome – your apology on behalf of the cafe was going really nicely up until you said “perhaps next time you will think twice before having a whine on the internet”.

    That’s so insulting! I’m just a passer-by to this website, and am in no way affiliated with Kerrie,
    but jeeze! She had a bad experience, so a SINCERE apology would be far more appropriate.

    I love the halls head Dome, I’m there often, but that lovely apology was soiled by that end part. How appauling. I noticed you said you were just a staff member, does your manager know you have written this?

  • Glenn

    July 15, 2010

    My wife and i just returned from having a meal and Dome, Halls HEad. THe meal was very nice. But what really is a worry is the young lady sweeping the floor under the tables on her hands and knees with a dust pan and hand brush. Not only stirring up dust but then getting up and going to serve the next customers meal without wshing her hands. I feel this is totally not right.

    • natashalam

      July 17, 2010

      oh dear! hmm kinda feel like their service haven’t really improve that much!

  • Jeff

    August 25, 2010

    Sorry, but giving a fast food restaurant 4 stars is a bit much. All the food you reviewed is frozen, the soup is straight out of a can. Go to the frozen section of Woolies and you can buy a dome meal. How can you be so critical of staff who get minimum pay, little training and are expected to do the work of two people because the company cuts costs at every corner.

    • natashalam

      August 25, 2010

      Hi Jeff,
      The rating that we give is based on our personal opinion of the food, service and ambience of the place all in the one rating. As you can imagine, it will be totally different from one person to the next and that is why we spend time putting photos up to showcase the food along with our comments. A picture can paint a thousand words.

      Of this place, I love the atmosphere (the beach is right in front of you!) and also like the fish and chip dish.

      As for being critical of the staff – I have reread my post and did not see any comments regarding the service so am not sure where your comments came from. However, I do believe that service is of utmost importance in this industry as it plays a huge factor in whether a customer return for another meal in the restaurant. I’d worked in the hospitality industry for 7 years during my schooling days and had worked in places where I get the absolute min pay with no training whatsoever but it didn’t mean I had to pass this on when I served my customers. Customers are innocent visitors to the restaurants who are just looking for a great meal and a place to relax – they should not have to deal with attitudes of dissatisfied staff of their workplace.


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