Ajisan Ramen, Perth

Entrance***Restaurant no longer operating…permanently closed***

Website: http://www.forrestchase.com/Ajisan-Ramen.html

Ajisan Ramen is a new shop that opened not long ago along the Forrest Chase eatery strip. I first heard about it through my colleagues and decided to try it due to the rave reviews I got from them. My first impression when I heard the restaurant’s name was that it’s a Japanese restaurant. However, looking closely at the menu board, it seemed to have more of the Asian/Chinese style of food but cooked using ramen noodles (Japanese noodles of wheat flour). The only thing remotely Japanese was the gyoza noodle broth so I thought it was slightly strange.

Ajisan Ramen is very well presented, brightly lit with wooden floor and modern chairs and tables, decorated with a stylish Oriental theme.  It is always packed during lunch time and as the shop is quite small, it is better to go just slightly before or after the lunch peak hour.  I noticed however that there is a quick turnaround with food so it is safe to go there if you have limited time. Menu Board

There are a variety of food to choose from which include noodles and rice.  The main dish can be ordered on its own (price approx $8.90) or as a set menu (price approx $10.90 – $11.90).  With the set menu, you get two pieces of entree, salad and fruits with the main dish.

On this occasion, we ordered the following:

  • Mee Goreng (Fried Noodle)
  • Laksa Set Menu 
  • Beef Noodle Broth
  • Gyoza (Japanese dumpling) Noodle Broth Set Menu

Mee Goreng Laksa Set Menu

Beef Noodle Broth Gyoza Noodle Broth Set Menu

The laksa and mee goreng were delicious.  The laksa is a Malaysian/Singaporean dish with noodles served in a thick spicy soup.  I like this laksa because it’s not too spicy and has the creamy consistency in the soup.  I did not quite like the gyoza noodle broth as the soup tasted quite bland.  The gyoza itself was nice though although the gyoza in this instant was steamed rather than fried (gyoza is a pocket dough stuffed with prawn).  My friend’s beef noodle tasted a bit bland too so she was not too impressed.

Overall, the food wasn’t too bad.  They were presented well and are great at that price!

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