Emperor’s Kitchen, Leeming

EntranceEmperor’s Kitchen is a chinese suburban restaurant located in the Farrington Shopping Centre Complex.  We had another Chinese New Year (CNY) Banquet there during the CNY festivities which consisted of 11 course meal for a very reasonable price of $43.80.  The place is not too huge so tables were tightly packed together to fit everyone in.  They served us prawn crackers while we waited for everyone to arrive free of charge so I thought that was quite nice.  The waiter was really friendly as well, chatting and joking with us in between serving.  They even gave us a discount at the end!

The menu for the night consisted of the following (I have written a short comment on each dish according to how it tasted for me):

1) Malaysian Style Raw Salmon Salad (yummy! the salmon & vegies were fresh - one of my favourite)

Yue Sang Mixing for ProsperityNearly there

2) Emperor's Seafood Soup (thick soup consisted of fish and prawn pieces stirred in with egg white - tasted quite nice)

Soup being served Seafood Soup

3) Shaved Beef with Emperors Sauce (the sauce consisted of runny wasabi mixture which tasted weird and for those who can't eat hot food, this is not for you) 
4) Baked Whole Lobster with Noodles (best dish of the night!)
5) Golden Duck (the duck tasted a bit salty)
6) Crispy Skin Chicken (good ol trustworthy dish, one can never go wrong ordering this on any occasion)
7) Steamed Whole Fish (the fish was a bit small and filled with bones - hard to eat)
8) Chinese Cabbage with Supreme Soup Sauce (simple and quite bland)
9) Special Fried Rice (can't go wrong ordering this with any dishes)

Shaved Beef with sauce Baked Lobster with noodles Golden Duck Crispy Chicken Steamed Fish Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup Sauce Fried Rice

10) White Fungus and Red Date Sweet Soup (too sweet and thick)
11) Fruit Platter

White Fungus Dessert Soup Fruit Platter

Overall, I was very satisfied with the banquet especially the lobster noodle dish.  One thing that disappointed me though was the dessert as the white fungus served was not the original dish advertised in their menu.  They had the red bean paste soup (my favourite!) advertised and I was looking forward to that the whole night, so when something else came out, it was quite disappointing.

I found out from the boss that they also sell dimsum during weekend afternoons which I have yet to try.  Another place to note for dimsum in the suburbs.

Rating by: N.L.

Emperor’s Kitchen
Telephone: 08 9313 6288
Address: Shop 1/55 Farrington Road, Leeming

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  • Sandra Megan

    February 15, 2009

    Hmm… I went there for dinner once. I wasn’t too impressed with the food, but they might have improved since then… =) IT was quite bad coz I didn’t wanna go back there again… but hearing your review, maybe I should try again. 🙂


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