Oriel Cafe, Subiaco

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Oriel Cafe is situated right in the centre of Subiaco, near the corner of Rokeby Road and Hay Street.  It is an upmarket cafe that I frequented alot during my uni days for their shoestring fries with aioli sauce (I still have fond memories of them!) and also because they were one of the rare cafe that opened 24 hours.  However, since the changeover to new management, they are only open till 2am on weekends.

I have only been back once since the new management and this is my second time.  The outside area has been refurbished and looks much nicer than before.  The inside area is still exactly the same as before except that they have toned down the music alot.

Inside Inside_1

On this occasion, we were only there for some desserts and drinks and ordered the following:

  • Caramel fudge-a-licious cake
  • Banana white chocolate butterscotch cake
  • Toblerone cheesecake

All the cakes there had really fancy names.  The best I thought was the caramel fudge-a-licious (bonus point for the creative name), with its soft texture and a mixture of chocolate, caramel and honeycomb topping! It also came with ice-cream. Yum!  The let down for me was the toblerone cheesecake, it tasted nothing like toblerone and was quite bland.  The banana white chocolate cake is perfect for those who like white chocolate.

Desserts  Banana White Chocolate Cake Caramel fudge-a-licious Toblerone Cheesecake

Drinks: Mocha, Vienna, Flat White, White Chocolate Shake and Affagato

Mocha Vienna  White Chocolate ShakeFlat White Affagato

I did not think much of the service, the waitress was cranky for some reason (might not be her night) and sounded really impatient with us.  Also, I might be a bit biased but the atmosphere was slightly different than what I was used to from before.  However, it was still a great place for a cup of coffee and some delicious cakes.

Rating by: N.L.

Oriel Cafe
Telephone: 08 9382 1886
Address: 483 Hay Street, Subiaco

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