Ten Ten Kitchen, Victoria Park

InsideFrontTen Ten Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant located along the busy Albany Highway eatery strip in Vic Park and I remembered it as being the first Chinese restaurant that I ate in when I first came to Australia 15 years ago (It’s been around for ages!).  The inside is very simple and very green due to its decor; and gets very crowded during lunch time especially on the weekend.

Ten Ten is famous for its cheap and tasty Hainanese Chicken Rice which only costs $7 and also their special menu for students (a variety of dishes with steamed rice all on one plate).  In general, their lunch menu prices range from $7 – $14.

Student Menu  Lunch Menu

We had the following for lunch:

  • Black Pepper Honey Pork with Fried Rice
  • Hainan Chicken Rice
  • Hainan Fried Mi Fun (rice noodles)
  • Dry Char Siew (pork) Wanton (dumpling) Noodle

Black Pepper Honey Pork with Fried Rice Hainan Chicken Rice Fried Rice Noodle Pork & Dumpling Noodle Dry

I had the BBQ pork noodle that day, the noodle was tangy which I like and had a huge serve of bbq pork which I couldn’t finish (they all went to my friend’s big stomach).  It also came with a bowl of dumpling soup to complement the dish.  This is one of my favourite dish.  The Chicken Rice was as usual a delicious dish with the oily rice and steamed chicken on the side with a bowl of soup, also another favourite.

The food came out fairly quick after we placed our order which is a bonus but don’t expect much in terms of service.  Overall, it is the place to visit for fast and reasonably priced food for lunch.  A great place for some good ol’ Chinese food.

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