Mez Mediterranean Cuisine, Northbridge

***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by Northbridge Food Co***
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Entertainment Card: Complimentary main course when another is purchased (up to $32 value)

Mez Mediterranean is located toward the top of James Street, right opposite Russell Square in the heart of Northbridge.  We were looking for a restaurant to eat and found this in the Entertainment Book and thought, why not give it a go?  I checked out their website and the food looked decent but slightly ordinary so  I did not have any high expectation but the night actually turned out superb.

For some ‘word definition’ lesson, Mez has two meanings – the first being mezes, a Greek word for ‘nibbles’ and the purpose is two fold, to complement and enhance the taste of drink and to provide a backdrop for a social gathering.  Looking at their website, they are pretty serious about their mezes.  They have a full on House Special ‘Mezes’ menu with complimentary sweets & coffee/tea included for $40pp.  I did not try it this time but would definitely like to one day!  Mez also stands for mezzanine, a level above the street which it is conveniently located!  So it seems that they had put a lot of thought into the name for the restaurant. Inside

When we got there, the restaurant was pretty much empty (with only one table taken outside) so we had a choice to sit anywhere we like.  We chose the semi-alfresco area out on the terrace for some fresh breeze and a view which overlooks the Square.  This restaurant has a really nice ambience and welcoming atmosphere.  It is modern and striking with its black and dark pink tablecloth.  Nice!

The service was also excellent, we were served by the owner (a very personable guy) and he took time to explain the dishes and specials to us, making a few jokes along the way.  They are also fully licensed with a bar showcasing all the drinks in the far corner of the restaurant.

We ordered the following that night:

    • Corona beer (normal drink)
    • Watershed Shades Cab/Shiraz/Merlot Margaret River WA (nice wine!)
    • House Specialty – Lamb Kleftiko (which means a joint of lamb baked in clay oven)
    • Fish of the Day – Grilled Salmon

Drinks Lamb Kleftiko Grilled Salmon

The lamb was roasted and seasoned with lemon, oregano & garlic, served with potatoes, Tzatziki sauce (Greek dip made from yoghurt, chopped cucumber and mint) and a side salad.  I had a small taste and the lamb was juicy and tender and went well with the special Greek sauce which gave the lamb a refreshing taste.  No wonder it’s their house specialty dish!  The grilled salmon I had was lemon glazed and served with a salad garnish, chunky fries and garlic aioli.  The salmon is one of the best I had eaten so far – the outer skin is grilled till its crunchy while the freshness/rawness of the flesh inside is maintained so it doesn’t become too rubbery and dry.  Yummo!  The aioli sauce was also superb with the fries!

Needless to say, it turned out to be a great night with lovely service from the staff and awesome food.  To top it off, the owner gave us the discount from the Ent book but did not scratch the offer off the card.  He asked us to come again!  I would definitely go back for more!

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