Royal Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Northbridge

Inside lightsFrontRoyal Seafood Chinese Restaurant is a fairly new restaurant located on Aberdeen Street in Northbridge.  Its location is slightly obscure so care must be taken when trying to find this restaurant especially whilst driving.  This restaurant used to be Hong Kong Garden (which most people will be familiar with) located at Picadilly Square towards the end of Aberdeen Street and was quite a famous restaurant as far as I can remember.  When they first moved venue, I brought my family to try the food and they really liked it, especially the seafood (they make a killer steamed scallop dish), although I found the price has gone up (maybe due to the refurbishment?).  Well, Royal Seafood is now modernly furnished:  decorated in a soft red theme with a running fountain trickling on the side and chinese antiques and painting adorning the walls, a far cry from what it used to be.

Recently they have started making and selling DimSum which was long overdue.  I only found out about it through a friend who somehow managed to test-taste the food before they started selling them and told me it was worth a try as the food was different from what we normally get at other restaurant.  So off I went to try one Saturday afternoon.

Here are a few selections we had that day:

Pork & Century Egg Porridge Red Bean Dessert Pork Dumpling BBQ Pork Pastry Tripes Salted Vegetable Soup Prawn & Spinach Dumpling Rice Flour Roll with spare ribs Fried Squid Kai Lan with oyster sauce Fried Fish Egg Tart Sago with rockmelon Mango Pudding Coconut Jelly Custard & Salted Egg Bun

Review: Large variety of food and some different ones (such as the Rice Flour roll with spare ribs, the Red Bean Dessert, the Salted Vegie Soup, etc) which is good for those who want to try new DimSum dishes.  My favourite for the day were the Fried Squid (very crunchy!) and the Egg Tart (piping hot straight from the oven).  The rice flour roll with spare ribs was quite tasty too, almost like a meal itself if it was slightly larger.  The only let down for me were the limited selection of dessert (I basically ordered all of them to try) and the custard & salted egg yolk bun (the filling was hard and not runny).

Service was average although some of the wait staff were quite helpful when I asked them to explain the new dishes to me.  I did not try that many new dishes as I was actually craving the old-school normal dimsum dishes.  We also ordered take-away and they took ages to come so please take note, if you want to order anything to bring home, order it halfway through your meal rather than at the end!

Prices were more expensive than normal but we got a 10% discount (special for the month) so that was a bonus.  I think I still prefer Dragon Palace more than this place but my mum must have loved this place as she went back again the week after!

It’s worth a try for a new dimsum taste…if not for dimsum, I would recommend this place for their lunch/dinner menu as they are delicious!

Rating by: N.L.

Royal Seafood Chinese Restaurant
Telephone: 08 9328 7738
Address: 6/91 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

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  • Ian

    September 23, 2012

    I can’t believe some of the good reviews that surfaced in this site. It could either be of “friends” of the restaurant or Caucasians. I walked in at 11am today a Sunday to a quarter- full restaurants. An efficient Chinese young male waiter ushered me to a nice two seater table but the short plump female manager made some noise and I was pushed to a corner table sandwiched by two large tables and other smaller tables. Service was brisk for the first 3 minutes with a pot of hot tea and a fried dish. From then on, the bad service started. I asked for a chilli dip three times with different waiters and none came. I waved politely to another waiter (must be a second in command manager) who ignored me and so did the first grumpy female manager. I virtually have to shout across to another waiter who bought my chilli sauce finally – by that time my fried dish was cold. I kept asking for the steam stuff and was told “coming coming”. The two waitresses were either standing idle or flirting with ONLY the Caucasian tables that were probably “stuffed” by the steam dim sum as they were going back to them every 3-5 minutes. I lost my cool after 15 to 20 minutes and stood up and shouted across and screamed if I am going to get any service at all. Was not a good sight especially when the restaurant was not even full. Have to say that the waitress nervously said she will come over. The grumpy female manager then gestured something to her and they picked up some steam pieces to our table. I think they have definitely redefined “steam dim sum” as they were lukewarm some were cold and skin were thick and lumpy. Some of the pieces which were supposed to be prawns have more cut pieces of water chestnut more than anything else. The chicken feet were the best dish on the table that is simply because it is warmer than others. We had 7 baskets of food between two people and the only palatable ones are the chicken feet and the first fried dish and it still costs us close $40 plus. Definitely not something to smile about especially when we were treated like second class citizens. To make matters worse, I had to queue for another 10 minutes just to pay because the female manager was flirting happily with another bloky Caucasian man at the counter. Have never seen her smile so much other than to me. I don’t want to make this a “color” issue, but unless you are a white who only appreciates third rate dim sum with added flirtatious service from Chinese waitress – don’t bother. There are so many other dim sum restaurants who can offer better food for the same price. I have to say this restaurant has a little glimmer of hope from the quick and efficient service from the young Chinese boy (must be from China as he only speaks Mandarin). He works hard and was working like a slave – he is on to everything. If I were to start a restaurant, I will pay him double to work for me.

    • natashalam

      September 25, 2012

      Hi Ian, thanks for your comment and it is very unfortunate you had a very bad experience there. I am a regular visitor and find the food there great. Service is average as you would expect from a chinese restaurant but I have not encountered what you have in your comment.

      PS I do not know the owner or the manager.

    • might have to go try this one, I have found the opposite to be more relevant in most dim sum places I have been to ( and that is many). I find that usually if you are Caucasian you get less attention than the fellow diners that are not.

  • Caucasian Fan of Asian Cuisisne

    July 21, 2014

    Interesting; if it had occured during a weekday, I would have suspected the waitresses were looking for single businessmen to pay attention to. I have had mixed service at restaurants in Northbridge (Asian restaurants). Another restaurant in NB, where I am a semi-regular, I have had pretty good service (except once, where a few things happened which made it a very bad dining experience that night). Yes, it is good to get to know the manager. I collect pairs of chopsticks from any country I travel to, or ones that I like the look of; I find that by bringing my own (and using them proficiently) I tend to get reasonably good service. Even if I wind up using the ones they provide, it tends to ‘impress’ staff. I think staff in most cuisines appreciate people making an effort to learn dishes, cuisines, etc. if it’s not their own heritage. Just some ideas.


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