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Entertainment Card: One complimentary main course when another is purchased (up to $33 value)

Wanting to grab a quick bite one Sunday afternoon, I looked through the Entertainment book and found Millpoint Caffe Bookshop with a buy one, get one free voucher.  I had always driven past this bookshop / cafe located on Mill Point Road and thought it would be a good place to try out for lunch.  After convincing  a few friends (who can say no to a buy one get one free deal?!), we headed there.

Upon entrance, we were greeted with an old-fashioned book store with numerous books stacked in rustic wooden shelves and various posters plastered everywhere.  It seemed slightly untidy but had a cosy feeling to it, as if you are returning to an old home town.  There were a few tables lined on one side of the room but I could see no kitchen anywhere?  Thinking we might be getting only ready made sandwiches or pies at this place, I felt slightly nervous and was thinking of making a quick exit, but how can I signal the others walking in front of me to leave without making a scene?  Turned out the few others had ventured deeper in and there was no turning back so I just had to follow, dreading the type of lunch we might get.

How wrong I am!!  The passage leading us towards the back opened up into a leafy courtyard with chairs and tables and rattaned couches with cushions, perfect for a lazy afternoon.  Talk about not judging a book by its cover (similar to the case with Susan Boyle from Britain Got Talent for anyone who is following that show), I had to take my thoughts back!

Passageway to the back Courtyard Nice couch Menu board

The drinks on offered were written up on the board behind the counter with the laminated lunch menu placed at the front.  It is basically self service where you order and pay at the counter but the wait staff brings out the food to the table.  For lunch that day, we ordered the following:

  • Summer Breeze juice (orange, watermelon, apple and carrot)
  • Iced Coffees
  • Flat Bread Pizza – $12.50
  • Smoked Salmon Bagel – $15.50
  • Thai Beef Salad – $17.00

Juice and Coffees Flat Bread Pizza Smoked Salmon Bagel Thai Beef Salad

The food took awhile before they came out so we were famished by then and digged into them in no time as soon as they arrived.

VERDICT:  The dishes were presented really well and were very delicious!  Short review of the food as follows:

The Flat Bread Pizza was topped with spinach, feta, mushrooms. tomatoes, olives, onion and melted cheddar cheese and you could taste the freshness of the ingredients used.  Very nice!  The Bagel came with smoked salmon plus cream cheese, chives, capers, red onions served with garden salad.  My first time tasting capers (a spiny Mediterranean shrub) – I didn’t quite like it but the dish was saved by the cream cheese sauce which went really well with the salmon.  The popular dish for the day is the Thai Beef Salad which came with rice noodles, bean sprouts, spring onions and mint topped with a special thai sauce.  I liked this dish the best as it came with a generous serving of marinated beef and the greens and mint made you feel extra healthy whilst eating it.  Yum!

Overall, I would recommend this place for lunch with its home-cooked light but substantial meals and cosy atmosphere.  It was good I didn’t walk out at the start else I would have missed out on something good!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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