Retro Betty’s, Leederville

Cafe front***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by Little C’s***


Nestled between the numerous cafes and restaurants found on the busy and popular Oxford Street in Leederville is Retro Betty’s, a burger joint that boasts of its home-made style burgers and deluxe milkshakes.  From the front, it looks slightly run down but unique, painted with loud colours of bright pink and purple and plastered with slogans such as “Better get a Betty burger” and “Burgers made by your Mum’s” on their glass wall, calling out to passerbys to go in an enjoy a famous betty burger.

Stepping into the cafe, you are greeted with once again pinky purple walls, stuck onto them posters advertising local gigs and events occurring around the area.  The place is lit by moon wall lights on the side and overhanging dome lights from the top which could make it a bit dark when the sun goes down.  You have a choice of dining on either normal chairs/tables, high chairs or vinyl booth like area on the side.  Retro Betty’s to me feels like a traditional American style diner and the word ‘retro’ aptly defines the cafe.

Wall with posters Inside

The menu consists of not only burgers but also soups, wraps, flat breads and things that ain’t burgers (catering for a wider audience).  For burgers, you can also choose between beef, chicken, vegetarian, fish or breakfast style.  The bunch of us ordered the following for dinner:

  • Side of wedges (with sweet chilli and sour cream) – $8
  • Big Betty Burger (beef) – $11
  • B.B. Burger (beef) – $8
  • Boss Burger with added mushroom (beef) – $10.90
  • Chilli Beef – $12.50

Note: A great thing about the menu is that you are able to customise the burger that you want – they have heaps of extras that you can add into the burger such as egg, avocados, mushrooms (which I added to mine), jalapenos, olive paste etc for an extra cost.

Wedges Big Betty Burger B.B. Burger Boss Burger Chilli Beef

The wedges tasted beer-battered and was delicious – crunchy and chunky, a highly recommended side whilst waiting for the main food to come.Burgers

The Big Betty burger consisted of lettuce, tomato, spanish onion, beetroot, cheese, egg, bacon and relish.  It would be what you call ‘The Works’ at other places.  The B.B. burger is a simple one and only had beef, melted cheese and tomato sauce while the Boss burger had the lettuce, capsicum, and pineapple with BBQ and maple glaze.  After studying the menu for awhile, I figured that they were all basically the same thing but with different ingredients and fancy names (which I guess could add some excitement to the meal).  The burgers came out fresh especially the buns & ingredients they used.  Taste wise was quite ordinary for me, almost the same as burgers you get at other places.  I couldn’t taste anything special with the sauce either.  I added mushroom to my Boss burger and was quite disappointed with the measly few they put in the burger, not worth the extra cost.

My friend ordered the Chilli Beef from this section of the menu – it looked almost like Nachos when it first came out but the dish is actually a lean beef mince combined with Retro Betty’s tomato salsa and mexican beans served on steamed rice, topped with grated cheese and sour cream.  Hmm..interesting…I didn’t taste the dish but my friend thought it was ok but nothing spectacular.  I just thought it was a bit weird serving rice with tomato salsa and cheese and sour cream?

Basically it’s self-service where you order at the counter and pick up the food there too.  We didn’t get really good service that night – the guy that took order looked like he didn’t want to be there and was a bit grumpy.

The only thing I regretted not trying is their milkshake which they boast about..but I couldn’t get myself to get a milkshake for dinner…it would taste all wrong.  This place is good for a try if you are looking for a quick and simple meal.

Rating by: N.L.

Retro Betty’s
Telephone: 08 9444 0499
Address: 127 Oxford Street, Leederville

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  • Yongz

    April 13, 2009

    No milkshake with your burger? That’s just weak!

    Oh man… You wouldn’t believe wat I’d do to sink my teeth into a burger and milkshake right now… *droolz*

  • Sandra Megan

    April 13, 2009

    I think the milkshake would have gone fine with the burger tash 🙂

  • natashalam

    April 13, 2009

    haha i should have clarified…wanted to save myself for dessert/coffee later at Cafe Villa so couldn’t order the milkshake…plus i can’t have milkshake during dinner time…it’s weird! =p

  • Sandra Megan

    April 13, 2009

    hahahahah 🙂 okay. reason accepted. Next time we go try together then! tho’ i wouldn’t be drinking coz i’m not a milkshake fan. Hee.

  • Tom

    April 20, 2009

    Great blog, I’ll spread the word.

  • BJ

    October 4, 2009

    pretty sure there’s nothing weird about serving chilli beef with rice, hey. What did you think they do in central america?


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