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Painting on the wall***Restaurant is permanently closed…replaced by Beer and Skewer***

Dim Sim CafeDuring one of the ‘dimsum’ outing with my ex-colleagues, I found out from them that the once popular Hoi’s Kitchen is re-opened under the name Dim Sim Cafe along William Street in Northbridge.  Hoi’s Kitchen was one of the dim sum restaurant that I frequented during my high school / university days as the food there were tasty and cheap although the place was always packed and a bit too stuffy and gloomy for my liking, so I was very curious how the new refurbished restaurant would look like and whether the food will still be the same (I had good memories of the fried squid tentacles!).

A few weeks later when my mum had her dimsum craving, I suggested for us to go to Dim Sim Cafe instead of the usual Dragon Seafood Restaurant.  The place was packed as I arrived that Saturday morning which is always a good sign.  The restaurant was compact, neat, brand new and filled with lots of small tables and chairs although the design was slightly plain, almost bare looking.  However there were lots of sunlight! (much better than the old Hoi’s Kitchen).

Counter Inside Restaurant

Okay, more importantly to the food…there were the usual varieties of dimsum such as the pork dumpling, the prawn dumpling etc.  I didn’t find any new dimsum on the menu except maybe for the Steamed Beancurd pocket stuffed with fish roe.  The dimsum tasted okay, the best dishes for the day were probably the Egg Tart (crunchy pastry) and the Fried Squid Tentacles (it was a big dish, seasoned with salt & pepper).  I didn’t think it was as good as before but probably my memory was failing me as the presentation of the dish sure made it looked yummy.

However, I was disappointed with the Steamed Shanghai Dumplings (the skin was too hard and the filling not juicy) and the Fried Custard Buns (the pastry was so hard, I felt like I was biting a rock, figuratively speaking).  I didn’t think too much of the desserts either – we had the Mango Pudding and “Tau Foo Far” (chinese pudding like dessert made from soybean milk), have had better elsewhere.

Beancurd pocket with fish roe Beef BallsSteamed Shanghai Dumpling Egg TartFried Squid Tentacles Fried Custard BunsMango Pudding Soyabean pudding

Empty plates after the foodOverall we had a good meal – the place proved better than what it was before decor-wise.  The food were okay although the prices have gone up (compared to before).  I would still prefer Dragon Seafood Restaurant better (my long time favourite) but for those of you who want to try something different or just to reminisce on the good ol’ times, why not drop by at Dim Sim Cafe!

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  • Squid enthusiasts

    March 14, 2010

    Best fried squid in Perth hands down at great value too!


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