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***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by DOME Cafe***

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Farrell’s Cafe is located along the busy Albany Highway cafe strip in Victoria Park and is a very popular dining joint – they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week and are frequented by a lot of regular customers (I found this out listening to the conversations between the manager and some of the customers).  They have both an inside dining area as well as a big alfresco area which is a nice place to have food in during good weather.

I have been here numerous times as this is always a favourite choice with my friends if we ever wanted to eat in Vic Park.  Most of them think the food is great.  As usual, the food did not disappoint us but this time round the service was really, really poor.  It started with the restaurant not being able to move our lunch booking to an earlier time – fair enough if they can’t do it if the restaurant was fully booked, BUT to our amazement when we got there, the restaurant was empty!  We couldn’t figure out why they would not let us in earlier since they were not busy at all?!  Mind boggling stuff.  While we were there, the impression we got of the staff got even worse – they did not show us much attention, did not bother to take our order (I had to get their attention to place our orher) and at the end of the meal, left the plates on the table without offering dessert or the bill.  They were also very unfriendly when I went to pay the bill!  Talk about making people feel unwelcomed…

In terms of food (only two of us ordered that day as the other two had to leave), we had the following that day:

  • The usual Lemon Lime & Bitters and Iced Coffee
  • Thai lemon-grass Mussels with crusty bread
  • Atlantic Salmon with broccolini
  • Fries

Drinks Thai mussels Salmon Fries

To my surprise, the Thai Mussels turned out absolutely brilliant which was quite unexpected.  The mussels came with crusty bread and butter which filled us up but the most amazing part of the dish was the sauce – it was thick and had the right amount of tang to make it so yummy!  We couldn’t get enough of it!

The Atlantic Salmon dish came with a coriander, parsley and cumin mash, decorated with broccolini and served with a pesto cream sauce.  The salmon was grilled nicely and the sauce went very well with it.  The broccolini was fresh and crunchy and was a good side complement to the salmon, something different too – rather than the usual salad we get.

The Fries came with aioli and sweet chilli sauce – they were crunchy and delicious, you can’t go wrong when you have fries with aioli sauce, it’s a plus every time.

Overall, I thought the food were great but due to the poor service we got that day, I will probably not return there for a meal unless strongly suggested by my friend(s).  Hopefully on the day I do return, it would have improved!

Note:  Scoring will be low due to the service (it is by no means based on the quality and tastiness of the food)

Rating:  2.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Farrell’s Cafe 
Telephone: 08 9472 7227
Address: 293 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

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  • Sandra Megan

    September 5, 2009

    I just realised you were talking about the service and I couldn’t agree more. Their service is somewhat similar to what I experienced in Tiamo. Slipshod, and not interested. 🙁


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