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Seizan Restaurant is a popular Japanese joint located on Hay Street but hidden on the lower ground level where one has to walk down a flight of stairs from the street level to get to the restaurant.  I frequent this place often and is one of my favourite spot for lunch especially when there is an occasion to celebrate or when a nice lunch is in order.  In this instance, me and my fellow bloggers (S.T and S.Tq) went there for an impromptu lunch to celebrate a colleague’s birthday.

Seizan is a fairly big restaurant and has normal sitting arrangement on one half of the restaurant (what I meant by normal is with the tables and chairs that we are used to and proper height like say how we dine at home) and a semi-Japanese sitting arrangement on the other half – wooden seats at floor level with leg space carved into the floor which gives an illusion of sitting on the floor but without having to cross your legs (as how Japanese sits traditionally when they eat).  This is probably a better idea to prevent getting leg cramps at the end of the meal.  =p  Seizan also has a big private room for large party and another big square table near the kitchen for their Teppanyaki BBQ.  It is decorated nicely, with calligraphy artworks adorning the walls, a mini Japanese sand pond on the side, a fish tank at the front, seats partitioned with glass and bright lights.

Normal sitting arrangement Japanese style sitting

 Inside the restaurant Private dining area

The service was friendly and I like how the waitresses are always smiling and polite.  They wear the traditional Kimonos, pink with patterns and flowers, complete with white socks and slippers (I’d always thought it must be hard for them to walk around in that uniform but they do it really well and always look extremely graceful! – I probably would have tripped if I wore something like that to work!).

Seizan serves a la carte as well as their special Teppanyaki BBQ.  The Teppanyaki BBQ is a must-try – it’s a style of cuisine that uses a flat iron girdle (teppan) to cook the food.  I tried this a few years back and it was very special.  Our group sat around the cooking area while the chef  barbequed the food in front of us and entertained us with special performances with their skillets, dousing the food with wine to get the big flame effect and engaging us through the ‘flying meat’ performance where the chef tried to ‘feed’ us through the air by asking us to sit where we are with our mouth open and him flipping the meat into our mouth.  It was fun! and he always managed to get them in, such precision and skill!

Back to the lunch, we ordered from the a la carte menu and had the following:

  • Special Sanshoku Bento Set – $14.80 which came with fried chicken, simmered beef, teriyaki fish and tsukemono (japanese pickles) served with rice
  • Sakana Teriyaki – $11.80, pan fried fish in a special Seizan sauce served with rice
  • Tempura Udon – $12.80, mix tempura (deep fried battered vegetables and seafood) noodles soup
  • Tori Katsudon – $11.80, crumbed chicken on top of rice, cooked with egg and vegetable

Bento Box Set Sakana Teriyaki

 Tempura Udon Chicken Katsudon

The food came out moderately fast and were yummy as usual but we were shocked by how small the portion has gotten.  S.T. had the Tempura Udon and it only came with three measley vegetables and one prawn.  However, the taste was still good.  I had the Sakana Teriyaki which was delicious but shrunk in serving too.  This is my favourite dish and it’s hard to see me ordering anything else besides this when I eat here.  I think this is one of the best fish teriyaki I have eaten in Perth – the sauce is thick and has a slight buttery taste to it while the fish is fried to perfection, slight crisp but maintaining the softness of the flesh.  Yum!  S.Tq had the Chicken Katsudon and liked the dish while the Bento Set is as usual always popular (as you can try all the different dishes in one go) but there was complaint of smaller serving too.  All the dishes (except the udon) came with a side of salad and miso soup which helped to fill us up.

All in all, even though the serving size has shrunk, I think I will still go back there often as the food is really yummer-licious.  It helps with the 25% discount that we get from the Entertainment card too and the price is quite reasonable.  Seizan also has a Karaoke Bar on the 1st level which I heard is pretty good but have yet to try out – maybe I should go one of this day. 

Rating by: N.L.

Seizan Japanese Restaurant
Telephone: 08 9325 5980
Address: 566 Hay Street, Perth

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  • Sandra Megan

    May 11, 2009

    I reckon this one deserves only about 3/5 hey. The serving’s too small 🙁 hehe.

  • Kelly

    October 15, 2010

    The karaoke bar is quite good. My husband is Japanese and he found that they have a lot of Japanese songs in the bar that he can sing. We had a good time. This is our fave restaurant too but we haven’t been back in a while, sad to see the servings are much smaller!

    • natashalam

      October 17, 2010

      Hi Kelly!
      Thanks for your comments. I haven’t been to the karaoke bar before but sounds like you guys had a good time there. I’d been back once in awhile and the food is still so good (My favourite is still the Sakana Teriyaki!) but sad to say the serving is still small.


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