Tank Lounge, Perth

***Restaurant permanently closed*** 

Take-away areaDine-in areaTank Lounge was a cafe my friends and I always thought we’ll try “one of these days” after first eyeing it whilst having lunch at the London Court Cafe situated across it.  What we saw from that perspective was a tiny cafe tucked inside a long corridor which seemed quite mysterious.  Well, mysterious it is, situated under the St. Martins Tower, off the famous London Court walkway, quite hidden from passerbys and could almost be missed.  When my friends and I met up at London Court Cafe for lunch one day and found that it was full, it gave us an opportunity to finally dine here.

Tank Lounge is divided into two areas opposite each other, with one side being the dine-in area and the other side the take-away area.  While surveying the cafe from the outside, the ‘Special of the Day’, the King Prawn and Salmon Risotto written on the sign hung outside caught our eye and sealed our decision to eat there (although neither of us ordered that dish at the end).

The cafe has really comfy and stylish chairs although they were too low for me – I had to sit up straight the whole time during lunch to reach my food (which may not be such a bad thing for my posture!).  The inside was a bit dark for my liking and the bar area was cluttered with glasses which made the place looked slightly messy.  The take-away area on the other hand was brightly lit with their muffins, sandwiches, fruits etc on display.  It was very busy at the take-away area which contributed to the service being not as good as expected.  The staff took awhile before taking our order as they were too concentrated on the take-away area.

Bar Area Dine-in area

For lunch that day we had:

  • Penne with chicken and mushroom creamy sauce – $15
  • Spaghetti with prawns, garlic and chilli cooked in olive oil – $16

Penne with chicken & mushroom Spaghetti with prawns

I had the Spaghetti with Prawns and thought it was very dry although they gave a generous serving of prawns (and they were big too!).  Even though the dish came with chillies, it wasn’t too hot and didn’t leave a burning sensation in my mouth (a plus as I can’t eat hot food!).  I asked for a comment from my friend who had the Penne and this is her review of the food, “It was tasty and they got the basics correct, but it is not particular noteworthy” – spoken like a critic.

Reading reviews from other bloggers, I found out that they serve good coffee but I didn’t manage to try any that day.  Will keep that in mind if I end up going back there again.  Overall the food was tasty and we had a good time chatting over lunch which made everything seemed better =)

Rating by: N.L.

Tank Lounge
Telephone: TBA
Address: St Martins Arcade, Shop 9



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