Margaret River Chocolate Factory, Swan Valley


Entertainment Card 09/10: Complimentary one coffee and hand-madFront of the factorye truffle when another is purchased 

The Margaret River Chocolate Factory is located along the West Swan Road amongst the numerous wineries and vineyards in Swan Valley.  It’s the second of its kind, with the first chocolate factory located down south in Margaret River.  An iconic place of WA, it attracts many visitors & tourists throughout the year.

The chocolate factory as the name suggests is a place where you can try and purchase high quality chocolates made fresh daily.  One can view their chocolate making process through a glass panel on the side of the building which I thought was awesome! It sells all things chocolate, including chocolate bars, fudge, chocolate coated products and hand-made truffles.  (check out their websites for more information on their products).  Visitors can also stop for a light lunch, coffees, cakes or ice cream in the adjoining cafe, the Chocolate Cafe.

Inside Counter with lots of packed chocolate

One great thing about the chocolate factory is the FREE tasting of the chocolate pastelles – all three milk, white and dark chocolates.  The bowls are located near the entrance and are the first thing you notice as you walk in.  What a treat!  You can see various people scooping them out of the bowls and gobbling them down in an instant..not to mention, another scoop disappearing as visitors leave the place!  After roaming around for quite some time, I finally chose the chocolates that I wanted (they are packed up nicely and are great as gifts!) and bought some truffles to share with my friends – the Macadamia Clusters, Almond Rochers and Cashew Clusters and oooo…were they yummy! 

Hand-made chocolates

We then wondered into the Chocolate Cafe to get some coffees and put the entertainment vouchers to good use – buy one, get one free.  The coffees all came accompanied with a truffle each which was a nice treat.

Long Mac & Latte Cappucino & Latte 

Hot Dark Chocolates

The hot chocolates made with dark chocolate were something different and tasted really unique (for those who like dark chocolate!)  It’s worth a try if you haven’t had one before.  I love how they have such a big variety of truffles available and they are all shaped with care and looked very pretty!

This is definitely a place to stop by if you are in the area – I could go back again and again just to try out all the different chocolates there!

Rating:  3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

The Margaret River Chocolate Factory 
: 08 9250 1588
Address: 5123 West Swan Road, West Swan

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  • francis

    November 3, 2010

    I need to know where your chocolates outlets are in melbourne, victoria

    • natashalam

      November 6, 2010

      Hi Francis,
      I just went on their website and saw that they only have outlets in Margaret River or Swan Valley – both in West Australia.
      Maybe you could try emailing them to see whether they do any delivery.

      Miss L.


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