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Front Counter with all the foodSide view of Miss Maud in Carillon City ArcadeWebsite: www.missmaud.com.au

Miss Maud is a famous Swedish Pastry House located in various places around metropolitan Perth.  There are 14  Miss Maud Pastry Houses altogether, some located within shopping centres such as Garden City, Carousel, Karrinyup etc (refer to the website for more location info) and others within the city.  They serve light meals such as sandwiches, pies, foccacias, turkish breads, coffee and a wide variety of mouth-watering desserts.  Miss Maud also has a Smorgasboard Restaurant in Murray Street with an adjoining Pastry House and a Hotel above the restaurant.

The Pastry House which we visited this time round for lunch is in the Carillon City Arcade on the Murray St level.  It seems that this was the first Pastry House Insidethat opened in 1971 – talk about history, it’s even older than me!  We arrived to find it very busy (which is usual) but was able to find a table quite quickly.  They have recently changed their service to self-service at the counter – so rather than someone coming to take your order, we had to go up to the counter, order and pay at the same time.  I guess this saves time and reduces the number of staff required, a win-win situation.

Menu on the table

I normally ever just order the Seafood Croissant every time I eat at Miss Maud BUT for some reason, they have removed this item from their menu!  I had to settle for something else and ordered their ‘Delicious Special Menu’, the sign conveniently located on the table which was the Salmon Hollandaise on Turkish.  My friend had the Vegetable Lasagna after much deliberation and we both ordered some coffees to go with the meal – an Iced Coffee and Cappucino (Miss Maud has really nice coffee!)

Iced Coffee & Cappucino Salmon Hollandaise on Turkish

Vegetable Lasagna

The Salmon Hollandaise on Turkish is a delicious combination of pan-fried salmon fillets, capers, spinach, snow peas and mushrooms topped with hollandaise sauce on toasted turkish bread.  I was attracted to this dish as I like the many variety of vegetables they have included in this dish and also the hollandaise sauce (everything becomes yummy as soon as you pour hollandaise sauce on them!) and it didn’t disappointed.  They gave a fairly generous serve of salmon fillets as well so I was quite full by the time I finished the meal.

The Vegetable Lasagna consisted of baked layers of garden fresh vegetables and lasagna sheets, topped with cheese and a choice of salad which came out piping hot on the table.  My friend’s comment of the dish was  ‘delicious and filling ‘.  I thought she had ordered the potato salad as her choice of salad but I am not too sure now as the photo shows something purple, maybe I heard wrongly.

It was a simple and quick meal that day – the food and drinks came out quickly and satisfied our hunger.  This is definitely a place of choice for lunch any day, with fresh food, smooth flavoured coffee and efficient service.  Miss Maud is also very famous for their yummy desserts.  My recommendation would be the Queen Silvia cake, Boston Cheesecake, Budapest Log and the Hazelnut Truffle.  You must grab a slice to try if you ever go pass the shop!

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Miss Maud Pastry House 
: 08 9321 8942
Address: Carillon City Arcade – Murray Street Level

Some additional photos from the menu.  This time round, we had our meal at the Belmont Forum outlet – loving this place.
  • Eggs Benedict ($13.80) – Poached eggs, baby spinach, sliced ham, topped with Hollandaise sauce & served on toasted Turkish bread
  • Chicken Hollandaise ($13.25) – Delicious roast chicken, mushrooms, spinach, fried onion and tomato topped with Hollandaise sauce on toasted Turkish bread
  • Turkey & Avocado Foccacia ($13.65) – Tender turkey, avocado, Swiss cheese, cranberry sauce & gourmet greens
  • Ham and Cheese Croissant



And who can forget their extensive Cake Menu!!  They have one of the best cakes…must try!

  • Princess Cake ($5.75) – Light egg sponge with whipped cream centre, custard and jam filling, covered with green almond marzipan
  • Blackforest Cake ($5.70) – Special chocolate cake filled with fresh cream, black cherries and kirsch


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  • Sandra

    June 19, 2009

    YES! Finally we did Miss Maud!! I love that place, and the caesar’s salad there is BRILLIANT. 🙂


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