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Roman Palace Italian Restaurant is located along Manning Road in Cannington (towards the Carousel Shopping Centre end).  I have driven past it a number of times and the bright green glaring sign has always caught my attention.  When my friend organised a surprise birthday dinner there one night, it gave me a chance to try out the food and see what the inside is actually like.

To me, Roman Palace seems very traditional and homely, with orange walls and patterned vinyl chairs as part of their decor.  They also have sandstone statues in the middle of the restaurant with a trickling water fountain and pot plants surrounding them which I thought were quite a unique way to decorate the restaurant. 

 Sandstone statue Water fountain

They are a licensed restaurant and have an extensive list of liquor available.  We ordered some champagne (Sir James Cuvee Brut from South Australia) to start with while waiting for the birthday girl to arrive. 

Bar Our champagne

Roman Palace boasts a big menu with a wide variety of food so it took me awhile to decide on what to order.  Unfortunately for me, I was too engrossed in reading the menu and figuring out what to eat and did not even realised when the birthday girl arrived – my back was facing the front entrance to avoid her seeing ‘familiar faces’ and in so, totally missed the ‘surprise greeting’.  Fortunately for me though, I didn’t think she realised it as there were too many other people talking at the same time, so I was saved by all the miscellaneous noise.  Phew!

Back to the food, we ordered some entree to start with as they looked very appealing from the menu.  They were:

  • Salsiccia – hot Italian sausage with fried tomato and fetta
  • Gnocchi – potato dumplings with fresh tomato, basil and cream
  • Cozze – chilli mussels Italian style

Salsiccia Gnocchi

 Chilli Mussels

All three entrees turned out really nice!  I became a fan of sausages after being introduced to some gourmet German sausages a few years back and the Salsiccia in this instance did not disappoint.  The tomato and feta on top of each sausage slice gave it a taste of freshness which otherwise would have been a bit salty on its own.  I am normally not a fan of Gnocchi as most gnocchi I have had made me feel like I’m eating flour dough but the Gnocchi here was different.  It tasted home made with lots of flavour so I ended up having more than one bite!  The Cozze also was really delicious with its thick and fully flavoured sauce!

Quite impress with the entrees, I look forward to the Mains which in the menu were divided into the Pasta & Risotto section and the House Specials section.      

From the Pasta & Risotto section, we had the following:

  • Lasagne Al Forno – lasagna with three cheeses and meat sauce
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – spaghetti with a rich meat sauce

Lasagne Spaghetti bolognese

  • Penne Pollo – pasta with chicken, sundried tomato, mushroom, broccoli and a creamy white sauce
  • Spaghetti Con Polpette – pasta with olive oil, fresh parsley, tomato and meatballs
  • Tortellini Alla Panna – veal and beef tortellini with a creamy smoked bacon sauce

Penne Pollo Spaghetti with meatball 


From the House Specials section, we had:

  • Scaloppine Romana – veal medallions with tomato, oregano, fresh parsley and white wine
  • Bistecca Alla Diavola – scotch fillet with a fiery black pepper sauce

Scaloppine Romana Scotch Fillet with black pepper sauce

  • Scaloppine Novara – veal medallions with a rich auce of gorgonzala cheese, sage, sundried tomatoes and a splash of cream
  • Pesce Spada Rustica – grilled rustic tyle swordfish with fresh chopped tomato, basil, olive oil and a touch of chilli

Scaloppine Novara Rustic style swordfish

We also had a side of Vegetables sauteed with garlic and olive oil:


Most of the dishes have fancy Italian names which I couldn’t even pronounce!  I had the Scaloppine Romana which I thought was mediocre and was a bit of an anti-climax after the yummy entrees.  I’d also noticed that they sides that came with the Mains were quite ordinary too – only roast potato and some green leaves.  I had varying comments from the other people – some really liked their meals while others didn’t. 

Overall, I thought the meal was ok, simple with an authentic Italian taste (the Entrees were definitely better than the Mains).  Service was ok, wasn’t sloppy but wasn’t noticeable either.  It was an average dinner – I probably wouldn’t go back there unless I have to attend an event there again.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Roman Palace Italian Restaurant 
: 08 9358 3535
Address: 25 Manning Road, Cannington

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