Good Fortune Roast Duck House, Northbridge

OutsideGood Fortune Roast Duck House is one of my favourite Chinese restaurant in Perth.  It is not a fancy restaurant, in fact, it is very small and not very impressive at all – tables are tightly squeezed with very basic service BUT it has, in my opinion really tasty authentic Chinese food at a good price and one of the best roast duck in Perth.  At the moment I think they are still offering half price whole roast duck on Thursday evening between 5 – 6pm and the line gets really long with people wanting to get a piece of this bargain!  (If any of you reading this wants to check this out, please call them first to confirm in case the offer has ended).

At the front of the restaurant you will see glistening ducks and barbequed porkInside the restaurant hanging on racks – a usual sight for a roasting house.  Every time I go, the place is always packed and sometimes you even have to share a table with others if they place you in the one and only big round table in the restaurant so be prepared for that.   

I always order the shredded duck noodle every time I go but this time I thought I will order something else to try.  We had the following:

  • Peking Duck Skin Pancake
  • Lobster Noodle
  • Stir Fry Veg with Garlic Sauce
  • Dumpling Soup (Sui Gow)

Peking Duck Pancake Lobster with noodles Veg with garlic sauce Dumpling Soup

I’d ordered the Peking Duck Pancake and Dumpling Soup before and knew they were good so they came as expected.  Even though the Peking Duck Pancake is not as good as other restaurants that specialise in peking duck, I thought it was a great idea that they added this dish into their entree menu as most of the time, I only like to eat this part of the peking duck course anyways.  Good for me! =)

The disappointing dish that day was the Lobster Noodle – the sauce was very bland, almost tasteless and didn’t go well with the noodles.  They also put too much ginger into the dish which did not sit well with me.  I could taste ginger with every single bite!  I don’t think I will order this dish every again!

To conclude, I think this is a great place for a quick and authentic Chinese meal, probably not a great place to entertain guests but most definitely for a casual dinner with family and friends.  The roast duck there is a must try!


Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Good Fortune Roast Duck House
Telephone: 9228 3293
 Address: 344 William Street, Northbridge

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