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Restaurant FrontInside the restaurantIt was one of my colleague’s last week of work and so we went out for lunch to bid him farewell.  Citro Bar and Restaurant was suggested as a place to go as another colleague had tried their Special Lunch menu before – a Main with a glass of wine for a reasonable price and thought it was a good deal, so why not.

Citro Bar and Restaurant is located within the Seasons of Perth Hotel on Pier Street and is very close to the city.  I’d been here for their buffet lunch before when we had our High Voltage Underground Cable training in one of their conference rooms and also once during the Melbourne Cup so it’s quite a familiar place.  The restaurant is openly spaced and has a continental feel to it.

Their Special Lunch Menu consisted of their Lunch Specials and an Express Lunch, only available Monday – Wednesday, as advertised.  Having looked at the menu itself though,  we came to the realisation that it didn’t offer much! (check out what is available in the pic)

Express Lunch sign   Menu

The only dish that looked promising was the ‘Fish of the Day’, and for some strange reason, my colleague was curious and asked whether the barramundi they served was fresh or frozen.  The waitperson came back and told us that it was frozen, to my amazement!  First of all, I was thinking, who’d ask such a question? (I’d never thought of this issue of fresh vs frozen before) and secondly, they serve frozen fish in restaurants?!?!  OK, that definitely put me off – frozen fish is what I cook at home, not what I want to eat in a restaurant.

Nevertheless, my colleagues all ordered from the menu except for me.  I had a look at their normal menu and they have a range of food available, such as soups, entree, pasta, seafood, meat and food from the grill.  So for lunch that day, we had the following:

  • Fish of the Day – spicy crusted barramundi fillet on creamy mash and pepperonata – $24.50
  • Potota Gnocchi with a creamy blue cheese sauce (came with a complimentary glass of house wine) – $14.50
  • Tagliatelle Pasta with mussels in a tomato sauce (came with a complimentary glass of house wine) – $17.50
  • Garlic King Prawns with coconut rice and saute spinach (entree size) – $17.50

Fish of the Day Potato Gnocchi Tagliatelle pasta with mussels Garlic King prawns with rice

The dishes came out looking average and very simple.  I was particularly not very impressed with the Potato Gnocchi – it was plain and too creamy and got quite overpowering at the end, my colleague didn’t end up finishing the dish.  The gnocchi reminded me of the korean pupa dish, only whiter – not a very good image.

The ‘Fish of the Day’ turned out ok, as with the Tagliatelle Pasta.  My colleague’s comment was that they gave a good serving of mussels with the dish.  I had the Garlic King Prawns and was quite satisfied with it – big sized prawns and lots of spinach – the dish came out presented nicely too.

Overall, it was not a very satisfying lunch.  I would probably not return to this restaurant again – definitely not for its Express Lunch.  The service was also average – didn’t get much service for a hotel standard.

Rating:  2.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

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  • Sandra Megan

    September 6, 2009

    Ouch. that used to be our favourite place for the choc mousse, but i have to say their standards have definitely dropped significantly!


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