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Opus at the Richardson is a restaurant in The Richardson, Perth’s luxury boutique hotel in West Perth.  It is a modern, yet old-fashioned restaurant, very elegant and has a refined atmosphere about it.  I’d been here for dinner before a couple of years back in 2007 when they first opened and thought that it was a very nice restaurant, more so due to its ambience (some thoughts on this at the end of this review).  This time round, we came here to try their breakfast menu.

It was quite early when I got there so there were not that many peoFront Cover of menuple around.  I was greeted with a polite smile by the waitress, a welcoming smell of fresh bread and the sun pouring into the restaurant through the glass door as I was seated down.  It reminded me of being on holidays at a tropical resort hotel!  Very nice!  My friend had sent me their menu beforehand so I’d already decided on what I wanted to eat but still looked through their menu for anything different.  They had done up the menu quite nicely too, the front cover looked like a painting!  This place exudes elegance for sure.  Back to the menu, just note that the a-la-carte selection is quite limited as they serve a mini Continental buffet breakfast but still quite substantial for those who like hot breakfast.

Some pictures of the restaurant itself below.  Check out their website for better photos.

Inside the restaurant Table setting

We had the following that morning:

  • Eggs Benedict on English Muffin with Back Bacon and Hollandaise ($19) with extra Mushrooms ($3)
  • American Breakfast – Eggs, Bacon, Pork and Honey Sausage, Onion Fried Chat Potatoes, Toast, Fresh Fruit, Juice and Tea ($35)

Long Mac Eggs Benedict Tea American Breakfast

Our food came and the first thing I noticed was the matching dining set (plates, cups and milk container), very nice!  I had the Eggs Benedict and thought it was so so in terms of taste.  It was very simple and the hollandaise sauce was not as nice as other places I had tried.  The American Breakfast looked a bit average too and a bit dry.  Although the food was slightly disappointing, the service was top notch so it sort of made up for it.

Overall, I thought it was pleasant breakfast.  Although it was more on the pricey side, one would expect that in a hotel restaurant as the service and ambience are part of the package!

On a side note, Opus at Richardson has a Private Dining Room which fits about 14 people and is separated from the main restaurant with a sliding panel.  My friend booked this place for a surprise party a couple of years back and that’s when I came last and tried their Degustation Menu.  All I remembered about it was how small the dishes were (fair enough, it’s a degustation menu) and how we were still hungry after all the mains were served.  However, the desserts came and saved the night – 3 different serves of chocolate (cake, mousse and liquid!).  It was pricey but nonetheless, it was still a fun party and good experience.  I managed to dig up some old photos – check out the size of one of the course in the photo!

Inside the Private Dining Room Table setting Eating..

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Opus at The Richardson
: 08 9217 8880
Address: 32 Richardson Street, West Perth

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  • Sandra

    September 21, 2009

    I love the fact that you put some people pictures!! 🙂 The place looks fabulous. I would wanna go try. 🙂

  • Chris

    October 18, 2009

    I think Opus Richardson deserved better rating than it was stated here.

    I had my birthday dinner last year in the restaurant. It’s one of the most memorable dinner I’d ever had and it’s still one of those restaurants which are always in my mind (alongside with Amuse, Ha Lu, Little Caesar…).

    Two plates that stood out for me were Pan-fried Duck Fois Gras (call me cruel) and the chocolate trilogy. Although not strictly French, the fois gras was still one of the best I ever tasted (beats The Loose Box). Chocolate trilogy was a nicely selected of milk, white and dark chocolate, gently complementing each other.

    Try their dinner menu. It’s totally worth it.

  • natashalam

    October 22, 2009

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your comments!
    I should go try their dinner menu one of these days…I did remember reading great review of their dinner menu in the newspaper before.


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