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Outside the restaurantBintang Cafe is located along Albany Highway in East Vic Park, a two-lot corner shop within the small square that contains restaurants such as Charcoal Chicken, Chock Dii Thai and other various shops.  You can’t really tell that it’s a restaurant from the outside (well, I couldn’t anyways) with it’s brick wall and green window frame, it almost looked like an office.  The only thing that gave it away are the two signs stuck to the top of the roof, with words such as “Nasi Goreng.Mie Goreng.Curry.Mie Ayam.Gado Gado” and “Rice.Noodles.Satay.Rendang” – hinting towards an Indonesian restaurant.  By the way, Bintang means ‘Star’ in English – you can tell by all the star signs plastered over the signs and in the menu.  It is a nice name for a restaurant though..Star Cafe!

So how did I find out about this restaurant that looks like an office from the outside?  Well, one day I walked past and saw one of my ex-colleague coming out from the restaurant.  We stopped and chatted and he told me Bintang Cafe has one of the best indonesian food in Perth – coming from an Indonesian, I was like..sold!

Bintang Cafe is quite tiny and very simple decor wise, with reInside restaurantctangular white plastic tables and black chairs, not really a place to go to if you are after ambience or service.  However, it is always full of people which proves it’s popularity.  It is also a Halal restaurant and dishes are reasonably priced.

After my first visit, I really liked the food so we went back again one day for lunch.  We had the Chicken Noodle and the Fried Rice with Satay Sticks the first time round which were so yummy (++)!!  The menu does say that they have the “best home made egg noodle” so be sure to try their noodle dishes.

This review will be on the second visit in which we tried to order something different – a decision which we later regretted.  A note with the ordering system, you have to write the dishes you wish to order at the table with the paper they have supplied and then order at the counter.

We had the following that day:


  • Yeo’s Ice Green Tea
  • Cahaya Bintang – Mixture of lemonade, gourmet syrup and syrup
  • Chendol – Semi dessert drink with red bean, coconut milk, green mung bean noodle, topped with brown palm sugar and shaved ice

Iced Green Tea Cahaya Bintang Chendol

The drinks didn’t get a good review this time round.  The Cahaya Bintang was too sweet (I would think so since it consisted mainly of syrup) and the Chendol was below par for me.  The green bean noodle was hard, I think still frozen thus losing its flavour, there were too much ice and not enough palm sugar.  I might be a bit picky since I grew up in Malaysia with this drink/dessert, but really it didn’t quite satisfy.

Note: They also have a range of bubbletea on their menu but I have yet to try.


  • Tempe Goreng ($4.00) – fried fermented bean
  • Nasi Campur ($8.50) – Chicken satay, beef rendang, tofu balado sauce, fried noodles served with steamed rice
  • Nasi Kuning Komplit ($8.80) – Beef rendang, fried chicken, egg balado, ikan bilis served with yellow rice
  • Ifu Mie ($8.00) – Crispy egg noodles topped with vegetables, chicken and egg sauce

Tempe Goreng Nasi Campur

Nasi Kuning Komplit Ifu Mie

I had no idea why I ordered the Tempe Goreng that day – it tasted funny (slightly like taro but not quite), I think the main reason was coz I wasn’t used to the taste.  This dish wasn’t a big hit on the table for obvious reason.  Both the Nasi Campur and the Nasi Kuning Komplit were only so so for us that day.  However I did like the chicken satay in the Nasi Campur (we regretted not ordering the fried rice with the satay sticks!).  The Ifu Mie was probably the best dish that day – I had a try and it was quite nice, however it got a bit salty towards the end.

Overall, it wasn’t a very satisfying lunch that day – I think it was more due to the fact that we chose some duds from the menu.  There are alot of varieties in the menu though so next time round, I’ll remember to choose something better!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars 

Rating: N.L.

Bintang Cafe
: 08 9472 9788
Address: U11 & 12/910 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

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  • Commission Jungle

    January 14, 2012

    Hi natashalam. I discovered your web site via Google even as looking for a related topic, your site came up. It seems to be great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to come back later.

  • dewi

    August 28, 2012

    not very nice food , since the new owner……….bubur ayam with terrible taste…..on Sunday night on the 26 August 2012

  • PS

    January 18, 2013

    Bought take away nasi kumpung yesterday and it was very disappointing….didnt realise there’s a change of ownership!

    • Miss L

      January 28, 2013

      Hi PS, sorry to hear that! I haven’t been back since I wrote the article! Didn’t know they change owners too!


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