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Located on the ever busy Albany Highway is Catalano’s Cafe, a buzzing joint which according to the Entertainment Book has recently won STM’s Best BYO Italian Restaurant.  This cafe seems to be a crowd pleaser, always full during lunch time on the weekend.  I’d been here a couple of times before and always had a good impression of the cafe so we decided to grab a quick brunch here before heading to Swan Valley for a hen’s weekend getaway.

Catalano’s is open 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner so there is never a lack of activity in this place.  It is openly spaced with tiny wooden tables and chairs haphazardly arraTable arrangements in the cafenged both inside and outside the cafe and has a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere about it.  We arrived quite early that day which made getting a table easy for us although we had to wait a bit before anyone came to seat us down.  -1 for service!  The service didn’t get any better after that.  The waitperson came to get our order after forever (ok, forever might be a slight exaggeration but when you are hungry, every second that passes counts!) and she acted as if she couldn’t be bothered with it all – she must be having a bad day! =(

For lunch that day, we had:

  • Chai Latte and Coffee
  • Catalano’s Burger ($9.50) – 100% beef pattie, Swiss cheese, egg, bacon, sliced fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, fried onion and bbq sauce
  • Alla Vodka ($19) – chicken tenders sauteed with baby spinach in a vodka, tomato and cream sauce garnished with pine nut
  • Chicken Mango Salad ($22) – gourmet lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts in a mango yoghurt dressing

Chai Latte & Latte Catalano Burger

Alla Vodka Chicken Mango Salad

The drinks arrived and came the second complaint from my friend – they had actually left the tea bags in her Chai Latte and sprinkled chocolate all over it – it was a gooey mess by the time she took the bags out.  Not very impressive indeed.  =(

The food came and made up for some of the dissatisfaction.  I had the Alla Vodka, a spaghetti dish which tasted quite good with the big chunky chicken pieces although it was a tad dry.  The Chicken Mango Salad was massive and looked attractive – they were very generous with the chicken pieces and veggies.  The best dish was I thought the Catalano’s Burger which came with chips and a side of salad for only $9.50!  What a bargain!  The burger was substantial too and had fried egg in it which is quite rare in a burger.  Yum! A must try!

Overall, we were quite satisfied with the food but the service was not too great which I hope is only a once off!  I would like to go back there again in the future…

Note:  rating will be on the lower side due to the poor service.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Catalano’s Cafe
: 08 9362 1121
Address: 266 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

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  • Nev

    February 14, 2010

    Agree service was a tad slow though we ate there on a sat night and it was very busy. Our waitperson was quite pleasant considering how busy she was. Very noisy but the food was delish. Entree of the scallops with a spicy mayo was ok but maybe could’ve been just panfried or grilled instead of crumbed and deep fried. Our mains were the highlight – salmon salad exquisite and gnocci alla fungi a taste sensation. Nice garlic bread too 🙂


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