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To To is a traditional vietnamese restaurant and asian cuisine (as advertised on their sign) located on Albany Highway in East Victoria Park.  It is fairly new and I remembered me and some friends were quite excited to discover a vietnamese restaurant so near our church which is perfect for the afternoon lunch.  This was because for more than a year we ate vietnamese nearly every single week at a restaurant called Phi Yen in Northbridge when our church was located in Subiaco so we got used to tucking in the ‘Pho’ or Broken Rice and was missing them since we moved location.

I quite like the decor in this restaurant, simple, modern and clean cut.  Seating arrangements are compact as they try to squeeze as many tables and chairs into the restaurant as possible.  They have some table booths on the side for a cozy meal and a fairly big counter towards the back.  I like the traditional vietnamese paintings they hang on the walls too – they added to the overall atmosphere of the place!


This place is always packed on a Sunday afternoon and it’s not very easy to get a table especially if you have a large group. Having said that though, a good thing about this restaurant is their fast turnover – you only have to wait awhile and somehow an empty table will appear and you will be ushered in by the waitperson.  I’d been here a few times and liked this place initially, however after a few rounds of bad service and bouts of having ‘to wait too long for the meal’, I haven’t been back since.

This time round my friend wanted to eat at this restaurant so I obliged.  We had for lunch:

  • Avocado Shake and Vietnamese Iced Coffee
  • Mi Bo Kho ($9.50) – Braised Beef Egg Noodle Soup
  • Pho Tai Bo Vien ($9.00) – Raw Beef & Beef Ball Rice Noodle Soup


The Avocado Shake turned out quite disappointing, alot of blended ice but not enough avocado in the mix so there was hardly any flavour.  The Vietnamese Iced Coffee on the other hand tasted good as usual.  I’d always wondered whether there is a secret recipe in making these vietnamese iced coffee.  I bought a pack from Vietnam earlier this year with the whole mini filter and all but it still doesn’t taste the same as they would in a restaurant.  What is the secret?

My friend had the Braised Beef Egg Noodle Soup and thought it was just average while I had the Pho which tasted great!  There were generous amount of raw beef and beef balls in the dish.  However, the big turn off was the long wait before the food arrived, and they almost forgot our drinks!  Not the first time this had happened.

Overall, I thought this place served quite good food for a reasonable price but the service can be improved so much more.  I’ve had poor service the last 2 – 3 times I was there and as the saying goes “Once bitten, twice shy”.  I probably won’t be rushing to eat there again unless I was accompanying someone.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

To To
: 08 9355 2388
Address: 873 – 875 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

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  • Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    November 24, 2009

    Oh dear, I feel so sorry for you that you moved location from close to Phi Yen! I love that place, and luckily live very close 🙂 Next time I’m there I’ll be sure to eat extra on your behalf 😉

  • natashalam

    November 29, 2009

    Hi Conor,
    Is the food still as good there?
    They have opened another Phi Yen in the Enex 100 foodcourt – the food there is great, it’s partly owned by this lady I used to play netball with, great lady! =)

  • Aishah

    January 6, 2010

    Service was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING at To TO’s (I cannot emphasize this enough!) When we walked in the Asian waitress asked my partner in a rude tone “what do you want??” We told her we had a reservation and she just cleared a small table and sat us there. I asked if we could move and she glared at us and said the other tables were reserved. Then when I noticed another family had moved I suggested we move to the other table and again she said no, that they had customers waiting on tables. Toto does not care about the comfort of their patrons only squeezing in as many people as they can, who cares if they feel uncomfortable! When it was time to order the guy was so rude he kept rushing us in an angry tone, LOOKING AT HIS WATCH (how rude!!!!) yet he spoke to a european family beside us in a pleasant tone so we figured he was racist! (my friends are african) We left there and did not eat, disgusting people run that restaurant if their attitude stinks I don’t want to imagine the food!

    • Sandra Megan

      January 7, 2010

      Hi Aishah 🙂

      So sorry to hear about your experience at ToTo! I have heard about the service from other friends as well. Absolutely unacceptable! I hope you managed to find a better dining experience after this. :))

  • Brenda H

    January 24, 2013

    I find the service atrocious. We asked for water and they refused to give us tap water insisting we had to buy a bottle of water. The timing to bring out the mains was also off with one of our party not getting his main until the rest of us had almost finished eating.

    • C Pemberton(on behalf of group of ten-April 13

      April 14, 2014

      Once again refused to serve tap water.Will be contacting local council for up-to-date laws

  • Trevor Cugley

    July 18, 2015

    Meal was nice but after paying and leaving I noticed the receipt – Owner charged me $670 instead of $67. 1/2 hour later the owner still couldn’t refund the money. After refusing to leave and telling several customers about the “mistake” he brought me the cash. He made me pay for the meal again prior to handing over the $670 he owed me. Not worth the time or money.


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