Fratelli Restaurant, Sorrento

Entertainment Card 09/10: Complimentary main course when another is purchased  (up to a value of $35)

Fratelli Restaurant is located along West Coast Drive in Sorrento in the upper corner of a shopping centre complex.  One needs to climb a flight of stairs before arriving at the restaurant itself.  The outside of the restaurant looks pretty simple but the inside reveals a classic setting with a warm ambience.  It supposedly boasts a panoramic view of the beach looking from the inside but we were not able to enjoy such a view as it was too dark by the time we arrived.

Service was prompt as we sat down with offers of drinks and water on the table.  The restaurant was not that busy at that time so we got alot of attention.  We proceeded to order the following:

Note:  comments only on the dishes I actually tasted.


  • Garlic Bread ($5.20) – Fratelli’s secret recipe, fresh from the oven and served warm and crusty
  • Italian Sausage ($16.50) – Grilled spicy sausage served with a capsicum jam and fresh lemon

We were too eager to consume the food and so I had forgotten to take a photo of the Garlic Bread except for that one last piece on the edge of the plate which proved the tastiness of the bread.  One of my friend has a palate for sausages especially the foreign type so we ordered the Italian Sausage to try.  The sausages were chewy and a bit oily for my liking but it went well with the rest of the people so no complains there.


From the pasta corner, we had:

  • Linguini Marinara ($25.90) – Pan fried seafood tossed with linguini in a napolitana sauce
  • Chicken Florentine ($23.50) – Penne mixed with herb marinated chicken, sauteed onion, fresh garlic and spinach in a creamy parmesan cheese sauce


The Linguini Marinara was a huge serving and had big chunks of fish, prawns and calamari strewn through the linguini.  The napolitana sauce had the right consistency.  Great dish!  I did not have a chance to try the Chicken Florentine so the picture of the dish would have to suffice – looks good though doesn’t it.

From the mains, we had:

  • Seafood Risotto ($29.90) – Prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels and fish sauteed in a perno and onion cream sauce and finished with a fresh basil
  • T-Bone ($30.50) – T-Bone cooked to your liking on a roasted root vegetable champ, fresh greens and drizzled with a rosemary jus and bearnaise sauce
  • Veal Sirlon: Chef’s Choice ($32.90) – Prime steak from the grill served on a potato and spring onion fritter, topped with a drambuie and porcini sauce
  • Lamb Shanks ($28.50) – Slowly cooked with roasted vegetables and blended into an aromic sauce served with roasted potatoes
  • Warm Chicken Salad ($23) – Marinated chicken, sundried tomato, roasted almond, feta cheese, spanish onion and mixed lettuce in a honey mustard cream dressing


I had a taste of the Seafood Risotto and it was superb.  Normally not a big fan of risotto dishes, I was sold after the first mouthful.  Once again, big chunks of seafood with the risotto and large serving overall.  I like how the risotto was soft (I have had crunchy risotto before, yes..crunchy and that’s definitely not a good taste) and the sauce blended well although it got too creamy at the end, we could hardly finish the dish.

The Warm Chicken Salad was topped to the bream too as can be seen in the photo.  Generous serving of chicken pieces and veggies!  The only thing that could have improved the dish was probably the distribution of the sauce in the salad rather than having it at the side.  Maybe it’s healthier that way.

And who can forget the pizzas…the Gourmet type….

  • BBQ Chook ($24) – Cajun chicken, caramelized onion, crumbled feta, crisp proscuitto and home made barbeque sauce
  • Vego ($22) – Honey sweet potato, spinach, olives and goat cheese topped with chilli jam


The BBQ Chook Pizza was another great dish with thin crisp base and big chunky chicken pieces – very fresh and appetising.  One of my favourite dish that night.  An easy dish to eat and share as well.

After the big meal, some of us still had room for Desserts, so we ordered:

  • Latte & Cappucino
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Tiramisu
  • Toblerone Cheesecake


The only thing disappointing that night was the desserts.  None of them made an impression and tasted quite bland.  Well, at least we tried them.

Overall, I thought this was a great restaurant in terms of its food and service.  A great place to try!

They are open for dinner Tues – Sun (from 6pm onwards) and for lunch Fri – Sun (12-3pm).

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Fratelli Restaurant
: 08 9447 0616
Address: 130 West Coast Drive, Sorrento


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