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Restaurant no longer operating!..permanently closed

Tansawa Tei is a Japanese restaurant located along James Street in Northbridge, at one of the top corners of Russell Square.  The place seems quite obscure as the outside bears no resemblance to a restaurant at all, let alone a japanese one.  I wanted to take some friends out for lunch and they wanted Japanese so I went on the net to find a place I haven’t been before and chose this, as opposed to Satsuki in Subiaco (mental note: must try that one day).  I also remembered my friend telling me that he took a girl out on a date here once  and liked it so I thought, why not check it out!

The inside of the restaurant is very cosy and clean, decorated with pot plants and japanese shades and has a quiet atmosphere about it.  One part of the restaurant is set up with normal wooden chairs and tables and another small part with semi-japanese setting.  We ended up sitting in the japanese styled corner which was great for me! 🙂

The menu is quite extensive and they have a great variety of food including teppanyaki.  We placed our order and out came a freebie entree for us!  It was some sort of chopped up octopus tentacles with cubed veggie, topped with a tangy sauce.  It seems to be a trend now with most japanese restaurant to serve a pre-meal dish.  Awesome!  I also really liked all the plates they served the food in, very matching and I especially liked their teapot set!


We had the following for lunch:


  • Beef no Tataki ($14.50) – thinly sliced beef fillet, lightly grilled on the outside, rared on the inside, served with soy base and Japanese lime vinegar sauce
  • Agedashi Tofu ($9.00) – deep fried tofu, dusted in flour and served with ginger and radish, in a special soy based broth
  • Tako no Teppanyaki ($14.50) – grilled octopus served with fresh vegetables
  • Kaki no miso Yaki ($16.00) – Japanese oysters with special soy bean paste served with fresh salad


The Beef no Tataki was very fresh and it was a wonder how they managed to grill such a thin layer on the outside and so evenly as well!    The radish and ginger on the side added flavour to the beef.  Thumbs up!  The Agedashi Tofu on the other hand did not have much flavour to it unlike some other ones I have eaten, and the same goes with the Tako no Teppanyaki.  My highlight that day was the Kaki no miso Yaki – huge oysters drenched in a warm and thick soy bean sauce.  The inside was still soft and fresh and was not affected by the heat!  I rarely eat cooked oyster so I was quite amazed by how they cook this!  A recommendation definitely!


  • Tansawa Tei Bento ($18.90) – Lunch Special
  • Sushi Moriawase Set ($17.00) – Assorted Sushi
  • Noodles and Tempura Udon Set ($16.00) – Mixed Tempura and Udon Noodles


The Tansawa Tei Bento came with assorted sashimi, tempura, karaage, miso soup, salad and rice.  Basically it has a bit of everything in the bento – a great dish for those who love variety.  The Sushi Moriawase Set was quite typical of what you would expect, with raw salmon, tuna, snapper, prawn, egg, seaweed etc sushi.  Beware though of the hidden chunk of wasabi underneath all the pieces – if you can’t eat hot food, don’t go adding additional wasabi!  We found this out the hard way!  I had the Udon Tempura Set as I felt like something soupy and the set came with salad and a side cucumber dish as well.  Yummy!

As for Dessert, you can’t dine japanese and not order their green tea ice cream to try!  We had the Maccha (Green Tea) Ice Cream with Azuki ($6.50) and it came out sitting on top of a big slice of orange.  I wish it didn’t though coz the orange added a different flavour to the green tea ice cream and red bean, kinda citrusy which I didn’t like.  However, the green tea ice cream itself was authentic.

Overall, a great Japanese restaurant!  I like the food especially the entrees!  The service was great, very attentive to our needs and the host was very friendly too.  Prices were slightly above average but that is expected from such a central restaurant serving authentic Japanese food.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Tansawa Tei Japanese Restaurant
: 08 9228 0258
Address: 1 Shenton Street (cnr James Street), Northbridge

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