Charm Restaurant, Perth

The springing up of numerous luxury apartments in the city brought about various small cafes/restaurants being opened up for business, much to the delight of workers in the city like myself.  One such is Charm, a restaurant serving Korean/Japanese cuisine, located on Hay Street towards the East Perth end near the Perth Mint.  I was introduced to this restaurant by a friend who recently just moved office to the building opposite mine and discovered this during one of her lunch outing with her colleagues.  She took no time to bring me there and introduced me to the specialty of the restaurant, their very own home made noodles!

This is the second time I’d been to the restaurant – I didn’t manage to take any photos the first time round as I had a busy day at work and was in no mood for a review (I gasped in horror as I read this comment myself – how could you Miss L!).  However, I found the food to be so good (loving the idea of their own home made noodles) that I went back two weeks later just so I can take some photos and blog about it, so here goes =).

The restaurant itself is quite small but very neat and tidy (obviously as it’s brand new!), simple yet comfortable.  It was very quiet both times I was there, not a prime location for a restaurant as the pedestrian traffic is minimal but hopefully it will gain more exposure as time goes by.


A peak inside their lunch menu…


A big sign advertising their home made noodle…

For lunch we had the Seafood Noodle with Egg Sauce ($12) and Chicken Dop Bup ($9.50).  At lunch time, there are certain items in the menu labelled LUNCH SPECIAL (in red) which automatically means a discounted price of $9.50 if you order them.  Not a bad price for a lunch dish so do take note!


I don’t know about you guys but anything ‘home made’ immediately gets a BIG tick in my books especially noodles – think of all the extra time and effort they go through!  I had the Seafood Noodle which came with mixed seafood, cabbage, cucumber and onions stirfried with egg sauce.  The noodles were soft and smooth – the sauce, just the right consistency, neither too runny or too thick – a pleasant experience to the palate.  A delicious dish!

The Chicken Dop Bup is a stirfried chicken dish with cabbage, onion, carrot served in a light chilli sauce with rice.  I didn’t manage to try this dish but thought it looked quite ordinary.  Comment from my friend was good – I forgot to extract more comments from her so I might have to try their rice dishes there myself next time.

A great place for lunch!  I had the Gyoza the first time round and remembered it as being good too!  Definitely a place to try – not much service (not that I expect it anyways) but the waitstaff was friendly enough when he took our order.  Incidentally, one of my friend just moved into the apartment upstairs and told me that they charge an arm and a leg for dinner.  I haven’t tried their dinner menu yet but maybe I’ll just stick to their lunch dishes for now after their report.

Needless to say, I have been ‘Charm-ed’.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Charm Restaurant

Telephone: 08 9218 8803

Address: 2/369 Hay Street, Perth

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  • Conor @ HoldtheBeef

    April 10, 2010

    You’ve been ‘charm-ed’, hey? You sure they didn’t serve you up a big cheeseball? 😉

    Looks and sounds pretty damn good! And as un-classy as it may be, you’ve gotta love a menu with photos!

  • wannabegourmand

    April 10, 2010

    Oooo yum… I’m addicted to Korean food but have been so far pigeonholed into the Kim Chee Soup/Bul Go Gi soup.. nice to see somewhere offering a couple of different options!

    Hehe I like a good photo menu too… you should try Choga-Jip in Fremantle on Essex St…really good Korean food (and photo menu)

  • wannabegourmand

    April 10, 2010

    That should say Kim Chee Soup/Bulgogi category

    This is what happens when I read food blogs before breakfast.. I get to excited


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