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Entertainment Card 09/10: 25% off (up to a value of $45)

The Cafe at the Hyatt is a featured restaurant of the Perth Hyatt Regency Hotel in East Perth and had recently been refurbished to bring a fresh look and vibe to the hotel.  This review is of the awesome high tea buffet it offers from 3 – 5pm every Saturdays and Sundays.  I have yet though to try their other buffets.

As mentioned previously, I have had a growing fetish for high tea in the last couple of years and had been sussing out different places to determine the best spot – these included the Leaf Tea Merchant, the Duxton Grill, the Peninsula Tea Gardens (click here for the review) and the Salt on the Beach (review to come).  The high tea at the Cafe is by far the best I have tried!  You will know why after finish reading this entry!

This is the first time I’d been to the Cafe since its refurbishment.  Coming here brings a tinge of nostalgia, of somewhat carefree uni days and of the busy times working in the restaurant(s) here in the hotel.  I did occassionally helped out at the Cafe, although it was my least favourite place to work in (but that’s a different story altogether and I diverge..).  One thing I did remember is that they did not have the high tea buffet back then, otherwise I would have gone ga-ga if I had to work there.  Ah..the memories!

Anyhoos, back to the main topic of the high tea,  it’s an all-you-can-eat affair with both savouries and sweets displayed on a large spread for you to pick and choose from (pics to follow!).  Seating starts in the Cafe itself and spill over to the Conservatory.  The afternoon includes live entertainment as well in the form of a pianist tinkling his way on the keys!  Love the elegant ambience and stylish setting of this place!

I was here in 2008 for mine and an ex-colleague’s birthday and loved it, so I was quite eager to come back here again for my best friend’s birthday celebration (she had been wanting to try this for ages – I hope!).  We had a blast.  The deal included a glass of champagne each, limitless food, coffee and tea for a price of $45 (discounted to $40 after the Entertainment card).

And here come some pictures to show you what I mean!

Our bubblies…

…followed by serving of a variety of perfectly cut sandwiches including egg and spinach, smoked salmon, chicken and many more which we handpicked to share…


..followed by the HIGHLIGHT – four table stations spread with glorious food, all bite-sized: curry puffs, savoury tarts, meatballs, quiches, waffles, jam and scones, jellies and tiramisu in shot glasses, cupcakes, pastries, cheesecakes, meringues, eclairs, fruits, ice-cream, chocolates and my most favourite, their famous sticky date pudding!  You name it, they’ve got it.  I felt like a young school kid being let loose in a candy store!


Wish I took more close-up photos but on this occasion, I was trying to be a subtle blogger.  But I was quite disappointed when I got home and found that I forgot to take a picture of my favourite sticky date pudding….would you believe it?  The sticky date pudding is a must’s absolutely fantastic!  My plate was loaded full of this goodie that day!

What I like about the high tea at the Cafe is the flexibility to pick and choose what you want to eat – great for those who love to try different things and also for the picky ones who only like certain things.  I love the fact that I can keep on eating the stuff that I like, over and over again!  One must try this at least once and it is perfect for any celebrations!

Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Cafe / Conservatory at the Hyatt
: 08 9225 1257
Address: Hyatt Regency Perth, 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6000

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  • flower

    May 26, 2010

    Looks nice. Might go there and try their hi-tea. It reminded me of Malaysia. Most of the big hotels there have hi-tea. I used to go to PJ Hilton, KL hilton for hi-tea and their menu used to be very extensive, very big and more than the normal English hi-tea type. Sometimes it’s hard to decide between, cakes n local kuih or sweet and savoury and so on.


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