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Milkd is a stylish little cafe located on 8th Avenue in Maylands, a sister cafe of the one in North Perth.  ‘The cafe caught my eye as it was listed as one of the top cafes in the West not long ago and had been in my list to go to for breakfast since.  However, the two cafes nearly went into my boycotted list after a rude incident I had with them on the phone while trying to book a table for 8 for breakfast one weekend.  It was fair enough that they don’t take bookings but the guy from the North Perth cafe was so rude and condescending, definitely turned me off from going there ever.  The Maylands guy fared better but let me down when he asked me to call back in 5 halfway through the conversation and abruptly hung up on me.  What in the world is going on?

We didn’t end up going there for breakfast that weekend but I still went there a few weeks later to try the menu out (that’s the power of media and reviews – the curiosity got the better of me as I really wanted to find out whether they are that good!).  We arrived there at 10am on Anzac day and lo and behold, it was fully packed and buzzing!  The only tables available were the sofas right at the back, next to the loudspeaker.  Having no other choice, we sat there.  A dose of luck was on my side as a table was vacated next to the window sill as I was ordering at the counter.  I quickly rushed to grab the seat and was a happy girly for the rest of the morning.

The cafe itself is quite tiny in size, with small tables packed closely together inside as well as out in the alfresco area.  It has minimal decor but has a nice ambience to it, probably from the aroma of the coffee.  Nice!


On the side was a glass cabinet with their toasted breads, cupcakes, tarts and san pallegrinos on display.  I walked over to have a peek and had a bit of shock!  They were selling their mini cupcakes/tarts for $3.80 a piece..eeks wouldn’t be buying them anytime soon.

Their breakfast menu is quite substantial with a variety of combinations available.  We couldn’t decide what we wanted and kept on looking around the other tables trying to figure out what was popular and what everyone was eating.  We caught the attention of a lady sitting outside who was so kind to tell us her dish.  She proceeded to explain that she is a dietician and therefore the dish she was having was specially made to her liking (I’m assuming it contained the right proportion of food to make it a healthy dish), and if we wanted to order it, just asked for the Barbara’s special.  I thought it was awesome that Milkd had catered for her needs – she must be a regular’s regular!   None of us ended up ordering the dish though but had the following:

  • Grilled italian sausage & portobello mushrooms with rocket, crumbed feta & poached egg on sourdough ($12.90)
  • Brekky bruschetta with smoked salmon, fresh rocket and scrambled eggs ($14.90)
  • Grilled veggie delight toasted bread with sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant & feta on red pepper & olive tapenade ($12.90)
  • Drinks: Limonata ($3.50) and Banana Smoothie ($5.90)



I had the grilled italian sausage, mushrooms, feta, rocket, poached eggs on sourdough and that was the best dish ever!  It had the right amount of each ingredient and in actual fact, with all my favourite ingredients in it as well.  The grilled sausage gave more weight and flavour to the dish, the mushroom and rocket contributed to the healthy side while the poached egg with its runny centre completed it.  I’m in love with this dish!  At the price of $12.90, it’s a bargain!  My friends were not that enthusiastic about their dishes as mine though, they only thought it was average, while the grilled toasted bread veggie delight was a bit on the dry side.

The banana smoothie was actually quite refreshing although it wasn’t as good as the one we had at Millpoint Caffe Bookshop just two days ago – that had a lighter taste to it with the addition of honey.  I still like the smoothie though, will definitely order it again.  Not to miss out on their coffees (heard great things about it), I bought a take-away and indeed it was great!  I like the pacakaging of the cup too!  They even have a coffee bag holder imprinted with their brand (similar to the grocery bags you see everywhere), quite innovative!

Overall, this is a great place for breakfast – highly recommended!  I kinda figured the guy on the phone was so abrupt most probably due to an emergency in the cafe or they were too busy, as I said before, the joint was jam packed when we arrived.  I wouldn’t hold it against him after eating there.  They had really friendly service and the waitstaff was helpful in finding us a table.  Great food, reasonably priced (mine was cheap I thought!), nice ambience and friendly service.  I’ll be back for sure!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

: 08 9272  4041
Address: 45, 8th Avenue, Maylands

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