Yummy House Chinese Restaurant, Victoria Park

Yummy House Chinese Restaurant is located on the busy Albany Highway cafe strip in Vic Park, nearer to the city end.  There are a few of its kind along this strip such as Ten Ten Kitchen, Good One BBQ, Chi Restaurant, Emma Seafood, Happy Meals, Big Bowl etc.  I’d been to all of the ones mentioned except for Yummy House so I made it a point to dine here for the sake of completion, and also for blogging (this was probably the main reason why I wanted to eat here although I did not tell my friends :p).  Have I missed any?  Please let me know if I have 🙂

Yummy House has quite a decent decor, it’s new, clean, modern and like any typical seafood chinese restaurant, has live seafood swimming in water tank lined up against the wall.


I particularly like the lamp hanging on the side, they look like drapes hanging over the light bulb!  (Nerd talk – I have this weird occupational habit of noticing how lights are laid out in the ceiling ever since I had a short stint working in the building services industry.  I used to go to friends’ houses and comment on how the lighting were laid out and could almost quite accurately predict whether they were designed by an architect or an engineer.  Luckily I’d lost touch and don’t do it as often now…it’s so nerdy! haha).

Back to food talk, for dinner that night, we had the following:

  • Golden Crispy Taro Duck ($23)
  • Stir Fried Kang Kung with Sambal ($13.50)
  • Cantonese Style Fillet Steak ($19.80)
  • Singapre Style Chilli King Prawn ($21.80)
  • Peking Style Spare Ribs ($14.80)
  • Crispy Chicken (half chicken) with Chilli and Vinegar Sauce ($15.80)


The Golden Crispy Taro Duck consists of pieces of boneless duck layered with taro and fried to a golden crisp.  It is served with a dipping sauce.  I quite like this dish as there was an even layer of duck meat and taro.  The duck pieces were meaty too! (Some restaurants have too much of one or the other which cause an imbalance in taste!).  The dipping sauce was thick and blended well with the duck!  The Sambal Kang Kung was also great – plentiful with a strong sambal taste with the right consistency!


The Cantonese Style Fillet Steak is one of our favourite dish to order – the one here doesn’t disappoint, with its big juicy steak pieces and onions.  I like!  The Singapore Style Chilli Prawn on the other hand is too overpowering, the sauce was too thick and sweet.  My least favourite.


Another two dishes that we usually order – the Peking Spare Ribs and Chicken with Chilli and Vinegar Sauce.  Both dishes lived up to our expectations!  Plenty of meat which is always good for the boys and very much worth the moolah!

A dinner is usually not complete without desserts and so we ordered the following:

  • Fried Ice-Cream ($6)
  • Banana Fritter with Ice-Cream with a choice of either vanilla or chocolate ($7.50)
  • Red Bean Pancake ($8)


First of all, the desserts were overpriced!  Second of all, they were way below par – the Banana Fritter’s batter was too thick, as with the Fried Ice-Cream.  One had to dig quite deep to reach the inside of ice-cream or banana.  The banana was also raw on the inside and tasted chalky and hard…eeks!  The Red Bean Pancake did not fare too well either.  They were extremely oily and hard, maybe they should absorb more oil out of them before serving!

Final Verdict:  Great main dishes – generous serving for the price and tasted nice too.  However, a big NO NO X for desserts – will probably not order any dessert when I go there again.  Service was ok – as usual, you can’t expect too much which I didn’t mind anyways.  A place to try for Chinese cuisine.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Yummy House Chinese Restaurant
: 08 9470 2511
Address: 405 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

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