Deli Chicchi, Mt Claremont

Deli Chicchi is located inside the Mt Claremont Village and is a friend’s discovery whilst looking around for catering services for a hen’s dinner party.  She finally decided to use this place and asked us to accompany her to try the food and to finalise the catering details with the owner.  I gladly agreed and off we went one Saturday morning for breakfast.

Deli Chicchi looks simple and tidy from the outside and has a cosy and homely feeling on the inside.  It is a cafe as well as a food store with the wall lined with shelves of goodies for sale (food books, gifts, jams, coffees etc).  I quite like the comfortable atmosphere.  The morning was buzzing with people having their good ol’ breakkie which is always a good sign in my mind.


The menu breakfast is written on the board mounted on the back wall.  Orders are placed and paid at the same time at the counter.  The counter is filled with enticing muffins, cupcakes, cookies and treats – a dangerous place to be when you are hungry!  A glass cabinet filled with food is also on display on the far right corner.  There were so many choices!  We felt like hot food that morning and so ended up ordering from the menu board.


We had the following:

  • Cappucino, Long Mac and Iced Coffee
  • Mushroom Bruschetta on wholemeal toast with rocket and crispy pancetta ($18.90)
  • Big breakfast – poached eggs, tomato, mushroom, chippolatas and bacon ($21.50)


The Mushroom Bruschetta was delicious – topped with big pieces of juicy mushroom, sprinkled with rocket for a healthy twist and finished with pancetta which added a nice salty taste to the dish.  Loved it!  The Big Breakfast however was on the average side as it seemed to be just items put together on a plate with a random garnish on top – the taste was very much disconnected and it also felt dry.  Coffees were of the Fiori brand and the coffee lovers reading this say “yay”!  Always good!

Overall, a great place for breakfast – the staff was friendly, awesome coffee and yummy Mushroom Bruschetta, will be back if I’m in the area again!

And now to the catering service offered by Deli Chicchi…

We ended up hiring a chef to prepare a 2 course meal for the night and he did a marvellous job!  Professional, efficient and friendly – a few of the girls also thought he was hot! Haha!  He managed to prepare a meal for 14 seats successfully!  Here are some pics.


The very happy group at the hen’s dinner party!  All smiles 🙂  I definitely recommend their catering services for those looking for great food and professional touch to the cooking and service!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Deli Chicchi
: 08 9284 2100
Address: Shop 6/29 Strickland Street, Mt Claremont

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