Hinz Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Northbridge

**LATEST UPDATE Jan 13** Restaurant no longer operating!..replaced by Kenko Home Cuisine

Hinz Seafood Chinese Restaurant is a relatively new restaurant located on Lake Street in Northbridge.  Its location is quite obscure relative to the other chinese restaurants found in Northbridge, however as I’d visited this restaurant before it became Hinz, I didn’t have any problem finding it.  For those who intend to dine here, just look for Hog’s Breath Cafe and you’ll be right (it’s situated right opposite it!)

Not long after they were opened, Hinz started serving dimsum as well so the ever curious me went to have a looksey.  Will this become our family’s favourite dimsum place?  I’m on a mission to find out :).  I’d also heard great review of their dinner menu from my food connoisseur of a best friend.  I have yet to try.

The exterior of the restaurant gave me a good impression – it looks so so much better than before!  The interior did not disappoint either, with its modern setting and bright and pretty lightings.  I especially like how their tables are set quite far apart so it doesn’t feel like you have some strangers breathing down your neck.  For those who had dine in crowded and small chinese restaurants before, you would know what I mean ;p


The food trolley came and the excitable part of me started surveying for special dishes to order, something that can’t be found in other restaurants..but alas, there were all the same type of dishes.  Not wanting to give up, I ushered for the girl with the tray of fried dishes to come our way but the food were all still the same types!  Doh!  At the end, I managed to find 3 semi-different dishes – the Mango Pancake, Fried Sesame Rolls and what I think were the Prawn Fritters (in a special casing):


The other usual suspects:



Overall, the dimsum were quite good – I think I was slightly disappointed only because I was hoping for some new / different dishes.  My favourites that day were the Pork Dumpling (with its succulent and glistening prawns on top) and the Porridge.  The service was quick and efficient which I like.  Not a bad place to try for dimsum 🙂 but probably will not be our family’s favourite at this stage.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Hinz Seafood Chinese Restaurant
: 08 9228 8399
Address: 10 Lake Street, Northbridge

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