Bamboo Authentic Singaporean Restaurant, Willetton

Bamboo is located on Collins Road in Willetton, right next to my all time favourite hawkers cuisine restaurant Taurus.  It offers authentic Singaporean cuisine (as advertised by its name) with dishes similar to those from Taurus.  Rumours had it that it is an expansion of the family business and thus the similarity.  We were in the vicinity one afternoon and decided to head there for lunch.

The setting in the restaurant is slightly better than Taurus (maybe as it’s newer?) with more comfortable chairs and individual tables.  Not too bad I thought.  Hope the drinks and food are as good.


The menu included hawkers dishes, the usual fried noodles, noodle soups, laksa, chicken rice type of food as well as main dishes.  There were heaps of asian desserts too! I like!


We had the following for lunch:

  • Ice Malaysian kopi/coffee ($3.80)
  • Ice Chendol ($3.80)
  • Ice Chin Chow/grass jelly ($3.80)
  •  San Mee in Egg Sauce ($9.80)
  • Prawn Noodle Soup ($9.80)
  • Seafood Chow Mein ($9.80)
  • Sui Gow Soup ($6.80)


The Ice Kopi was up to standard for an asian drink, as well as the Ice Chin Chow.  Although the menu indicated shaved ice with the drink, it didn’t come out as such but the generous amount of chin chow (grass jelly) made up for it.  And now for the Ice Chendol, a traditional hawker’s drink/dessert made with chendol, red beans, coconut milk and rich palm sugar, it is always one of the drinks you order to test the authenticity of the place and the drink passed the test!  Filled with lots of chendol and red bean (also my favourite), it was thick and delicious.  The one important thing was that the chendols were not frozen!  I have encountered so many frozen chendols in the drink at other places, and was so happy these were good chendols!  The only comment is more palm sugar please!!



The San Mee (crispy noodles with prawn, chicken, fish cake and vegetables with egg sauce) was good but lacked gravy, it would have tasted better with more.  The Prawn Noodle Soup looked pretty good, the main feedback about the dish was that the soup was bland, you can see that the soup was quite clear.  Eeks, in goes more chilli into the soup.  I found that always helped.

The two yummiest dishes we ordered were the Seafood Chow Mein (my order :)) and the Sui Gow Soup.  The Seafood Chow Mein was crispy with lots of sauce and ingredients.  Yum!  The Sui Gows (prawn & pork dumpling) were big, prawn and pork pieces wrapped in soft wonton skin.  They were substantial accompaniments to our dishes.  Great!

Overall, Bamboo is a similar themed restaurant to others hawker restaurants around the area and food were not too bad.  The dishes though were small compared to other places I have been to at the prices they are charging.  The place is air-conditioned which is a plus for those hot summer days.  I will be back to try their other dishes whenever I’m around the vicinity, and if Taurus is full :p

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Bamboo Authentic Singaporean Restaurant
: 08 9354 4888
Address: Shop 5, 113 Collins Road, Willetton

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  • Martin Feilds

    November 24, 2011

    Discusting! Overpriced. Fried rice very dry and tasted like stale breadcrumbs. Service pathetic. Just left until called waiter. Not even given the meal asked for.

  • Tim

    June 25, 2015

    horrible service, arrogant and rude waitress. price on the bill is not what is stated in menu ie. charged higher than what the price is stated on menu. owners are also arrogant, no apology given for “non-updated” pricelist. too shocked that such service and attitude still exists in the food service industry
    will not go back again

    • Miss L

      June 26, 2015

      oh dear, not a very good experience Tim! Generally service is not the main strength in Chinese restaurants I find.


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