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Restaurant no longer operating! is permanently closed


During the recent festive holidays, I found myself having more time to explore Perth’s numerous eateries and through a friend’s recommendation from the local newspaper, found the Crepe Cherie, located in Maude Jackson Lane in Claremont (opposite Bunnings and Lemon Cafe to be more precise).

Crepe Cherie is a cafe with a Parisian Creperie concept and started trading in October 2010, almost brand spanking new.  As I walked past to meet a friend at the shops before heading there for breakkie, the aromatic smell of crepes wafting out nearly stopped me on my tracks.  It was hard to pull myself away but I managed to walk on with double the hunger pangs!  “The cafe was already full!  I hope we get seats later” – those were my thoughts.

We came back 1/2 hour later and the crowd had thinned out slightly so we managed to get good seats.  I quite like the effort they put in the decor – simple yet stylish and I especially loved their Gondola attire!  A bit more special than other cafes 🙂  Orders are placed at the counter with the range of selection written on the board hung above the back wall.  Some non-crepe food are also on display in the glass cabinet.  Didn’t pay much attention to that though as I was going for gold!  For those who are so inclined, the crepe making process can be observed in detail as they are made in front of you!


Menus are also found on the table – they have a whole range of savoury (all $12.50) and sweet (all $11.50) crepes on offer!


We had the following that day:

  • Iced Coffee @ $4.00
  • Crepe Jean-Pierre – chargrilled chicken, cheese, marinated mushrooms and mayonnaise
  • Crepe Olivier – Angel Bay minced beef, spinach, potato mash, marinated mushrooms and tomato onion jam
  • Crepe Julien – marinated mushrooms, spinach, potato mash and cheese
  • Side Salad @ $3.50


I ordered the Crepe Jean-Pierre and loved it! The crepe was paper thin and was filled with lots of ingredients – I like the combination taste of the mushroom with the mayonnaise as well.  Yum!  Not sure what type of marinate went into the mushrooms but they were good.  My friend thought the Crepe Olivier was good too but not as good as mine.  She would order mine the next time she visits again was her comment.

Crepe Julien was similar in ingredients to the Olivier but had the white sauce – a vegetarian version.  I almost ordered this earlier but the thought of having no meat in my dish didn’t sit well with me.  I need the energy!  The only disappointing item I found that morning was the Side Salad!  It was measly for the price of $3.50, not worth it at all.  The Iced Coffees were also average, I didn’t get my coffee buzz out of it, the lightness of the drink says it all, maybe I’ll have to get a double shot next time.

Overall, I really liked the crepes and will go back again to try out the sweet versions next time round.  I like the open aired atmosphere of the cafe as well!  Drop by if you are in the area for a try-out!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Crepe Cherie
: 08 9383 1880
Address: Shop 6G/303 Stirling Highway, Claremont

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On a site note, crepes are very popular in Japan especially the dessert type.  This is where I first heard of this type of food.  A photo of a crepe stall in Harajuku seen below – there are heaps of these kind of stalls everywhere! Yum!




  • food//couture

    January 27, 2011

    Wow I wish I had went there before I left. Looks yummo.

    • natashalam

      January 28, 2011

      we can go when you are back next!!!

  • foodie cravings

    January 30, 2011

    The crepes look yummy, seems like a reasonable price for the area – will have to head that way to try the sweet crepes!

  • Beverly

    October 11, 2011

    I went to Crepe Cherie before and I love the ambience! But I prefer the French crepes in the Fremantle Market – you probably should try them 🙂

    • natashalam

      October 22, 2011

      Hi Beverly,

      Thanks for the tip! I must try that when I’m in Freo next!


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