Just Wine and Tapas Bar, Como

***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by Hang Out Bar and Cafe***

Website: www.justbar.com.au

Entertainment Book Card : 25% off (up to a value of $50)

Just Wine and Tapas Bar is located on Preston Street in Como right next to the Cygnet Cinema.  Our main aim that night was to attend a Women In Engineering (WIE) movie function in Cygnet Cinema – the premiere of “Eat, Love, Pray” and decided to find a joint in Como to catch-up over dinner beforehand.  Looking through the Entertainment Book, we found this restaurant offering a sumptuous tapas-style degustation menu of 11 tapas for only $50pp!  Taking the discount into account, it was only $37.50pp, what a great deal!  We all agreed in one accord.  A note – they also offer an 18 tapas option which includes some dessert for $70pp.  As we only had an hour period for dinner, we did not go for the bigger menu.

Just Wine and Tapas Bar has a great outlook both inside and out.  The joint is not too big, with probably 6-7 tables on the inside and a semi-alfresco area making up the rest.  They have quite stylish decor and a chic back wallpaper, I was admiring it from where I was sitting!  It’s similar to what they use in the Red Room and Blue Room in the MinQ Bar, a velvety patterned material.  I love it!  I’d actually observed a few restaurants adopting this, maybe it’s a new trend 🙂

Just Bar also has a semi-open kitchen (you can see the chef running around during the busy times and admire his great multi-tasking skills! bravo!) with a wine display counter mounted at the back.  And what a fine and extensive selection of wine to complement the menu.  Nice!


We didn’t actually get a menu of the degustation menu so we trustingly waited for the staff to bring them out and explain what they were.  Poor me was trying to remember the names so I could blog about them – Iphone to the rescue 🙂

PS:  Please excuse the light exposure in some of the photos – they are inconsistent and mostly overexposed, my camera doesn’t take good night photo!  I need a new one!!

Anyways, back to the menu, here we go:

  • Potato and celeriac soup – the soup came in a cute little white cup and was thick and tasty.  Like.
  • Thai papaya salad – simple dish and complemented the meat dishes well.


  • Bread, olives and dip – great bread, soft and warm and went well with the olive/balsamic, olive and white bean dip, you can never go wrong with this starter!
  • Duck liver and brandy pate with port and cranberry jelly and baguette – this dish seem to be an acquired taste and I was a convert since last year after tasting a few in various degus, so a win for me.  It was very good!


  • Smoked ham terrine – a fancy ham pate/meatloaf, didn’t quite like the smoked ham taste but it was an ok dish.
  • Exmouth king prawn with Singapore sauce – lovely big prawns with an interesting sauce, almost reminded me of the singapore chilli crab..except with prawns.


  • Goldband snapper with chervil and butter sauce – my favourite dish that night with the snapper skin grilled to crisp whilst retaining the flesh softness and finished with a creamy butter sauce.  Yum!
  • Aged sirloin with field mushroom – my 2nd favourite dish as it was a meat dish (needed something to fill me up!) and the field mushroom is a bonus, love them!
  • Lamb fillet with Dijon mustard and drunken currant – after the previous 2 dishes, this didn’t quite compare :p


  • Broccolini – love this veggie, becoming popular recently and great accompaniment to any dish!
  • Kiwi and midori granita – had a cleansing effect in between dishes, great!


Overall it was an awesome night and a great degus menu.  We only had one hour to dine and they managed to serve everything in time.  Service was great – staff was friendly and took time to explain each dish to us.  The only thing I missed was the dessert, I think I need to go back and try the other degus option!  A great option for a nice and reasonably priced tapas degustation dinner!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Just Wine and Tapas Bar
: 08 9474 1977
Address: 20 Preston Street, Como

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  • food//couture

    January 26, 2011

    Wow! Def value for money. I got mixed up between must and just though. But that maybe cause I’m abit duh. The fish looked really really yum. I love crispy skin. Wonder what the dessert would be like.

    • natashalam

      January 28, 2011

      haha you always mixed up one..:p I still haven’t tried Must yet properly, only went there for drinks. :p yah but this place is quite good!


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