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Joe’s Oriental Diner is one of the restaurants on offer at the Hyatt Regency Perth Hotel bearing a South East Asian cuisine comprising of dishes originating from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  The restaurant itself is located at street level with its entrance facing Adelaide Terrace.  One can find Plain Street Bar and La Strada right alongside it.  What make this restaurant so special is that I used to work here during my uni days!  Lots of great memories from late night coffees to cocktails concoctions to serving celebrity Nick Cave & band 🙂

This is the second time I’d been back to dine at the restaurant since I quit and most of the front end staff I’d worked with had left.  The only person I know is the Head Chef who is still manning the open view kitchen where all the chefs do their thang.  It was awesome to walk in this lunch time and see him standing there, at his usual spot of authority!

Joe’s Oriental Diner is all timber, bamboo, rattan and terracotta – exuding a noodle house ambience (as its original intent of the restaurant) but with airconditioning!  It is adorned with antiques, paintings on walls and ancient gadgets strewn over the side tables, a very befitting atmosphere for a restaurant carrying an asian cuisine.  The senior engineer I work with had been wanting to try this place out and the opportunity came when we held a lunch to bid farewell to a colleague from New Zealand who had come over to help us out on a project.  A last minute event, we arrived with no reservation!  A no no as the restaurant was full!  A few minutes passed and we were ushered to the front corner of the restaurant – the lonely and forgotten corner (a nickname we used to give this corner due to its segregation from the main sections).  Albeit that, we were still happy to get a spot.


It was a hot day so all of us settled for sparkling water for our drinks.  I like the new bottle from Mount Franklin!

For our meal, we had the following:

  • Curry Laksa ($14) – with noodles, shrimps, chicken, fishcake, fishballs
  • Nasi Goreng ($15) – with chicken, beef satays, achar and a fried egg
  • Beef Rendang ($19.50) – with lemongrass, galangal and lime leaves
  • Wok Fried Honey Pepper Beef ($21) – with glazed onion and green Chinese vegetables
  • Thai Green Seafood Curry ($23)


I’d tried all the dishes that my colleagues ordered and knew they were all good especially the curry dishes.  My all time favourite though whilst working in Joes was the Nasi Goreng!  It’s the bomb – wok fried rice, slightly spicy with 2 x satay sticks, fried egg as well as acar (pickled vegetables originating from Indo).  All the goodies in one plate.  The dish didn’t disappoint this time, it still tasted the same as before.  The only thing different is the plate with which it was served in.  It used to be a steel long oval bowl sitting on four curvy legs – it was so special!..but now it was just sitting on a plain white plate.  What happened?!  That goes for all the other dishes!! Bring back the old plates!

My colleagues all loved their meals and gave a good rating!  Yay, I’m glad Joes is still up to standard after so many years 🙂

A great place to dine with yummy food and a variety of drinks such as the famous Singapore Slings (their specialty!) which we did not order this time round.  The restaurant is especially good for work or business lunches.  Although the prices are slightly above average, they have to be charged accordingly – you are still dining in a 5-star hotel!  I might be a bit biased but definitely a recommendation if you have not eaten here before.  Joes also offer food promotions every month – check out the hotel website for details.  Joe Rock!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Joes Oriental Diner
Telephone: 08 9225 1268
Address: 99 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth

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