Jean Pierre Sancho, Perth


Jean Pierre Sancho is the first French boulangerie patisserie in Perth, located at the entrance of Shafto Lane on Hay Street.  I heard alot about it since its first opening but unfortunately have had no opportunity to visit the joint up till now just coz it’s so far away from my office.  However, recently we decided to make our way across the city to dine there having ran out of places to go to for lunch.

To me, the history behind the evolvement of Jean Pierre Sancho is quite special, having started as a modest bakery south of France in 1904 and passed on over three generations to become the Jean Pierre Sancho of today.  It is a legacy within the family! And everyone in Perth now can be part of that legacy, or at least have a taste of the legacy!  

The place itself is very modern looking, with chic decors bordered with glass walls and an alfresco dining area, perfect setting for lunch this fine sunny afternoon.   


For lunch, we ordered from their special ‘Formulas’ which consisted of:

  • Handmade Croissant and Fair Trade Organic Coffee – $6.50
  • Standard Sandwiches (choice of 6) with a standard drink – $10

and also not being able to resist the fine looking cakes at the counter, a Fraisier and Lemon Tart.


My friends had the Baguettes with Drinks and thought they were beautiful and were a good price.  I had the Croissant with the Long Mac – coffee was great, however the croissant was not as fresh as some I have tasted elsewhere.  (I went on a French Food Safari tour recently in Sydney organised by Gourmet Safaris and Maeve O’Meara, who was leading the tour brought us to this gorgeous French bistro patisserie Baroque and they make the most amazing croissant.  Maybe my tastebud had been spoilt with the freshness I tasted there).

I ordered a small lunch just so I could fit in a cake – they were all so pretty sitting on the counter, screaming to be ‘picked’.  It didn’t disappoint, loved the creamy texture and smooth finish.  I must go back to try the others soon!  My friend who took away the Lemon Tart loved it as well.  It had certainly live up to its patisserie reputation!

Loved the service in this place, they were friendly and very efficient, and all spoke in a frenchy accent, even the non-French working there.  Awesome!  A place that you must try at least once (PS: I’m very biased towards patisserie, they are all in the must-try category :))

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.  

Jean Pierre Sancho
Telephone: 08 9226 2434
Address: 878 Hay Street, Perth
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  • ruwen

    April 12, 2011

    Ooo the fraisier looks yum. What’s on the top layer?
    I think u only like to eat croissants that u roll yourself. Haha

    • natashalam

      April 15, 2011

      the top is like mango pudding! very yummy!
      haha of coz, wish i can roll more 😛 but the food there is really yummy…or maybe i have to wait until I try bill granger’s restaurant before i give a verdict hehe


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