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Sushi Sushi is a fairly new sushi kiosk located inside Garden City Shopping Centre.  I was so excited when I found out that this franchise has opened here in Perth as I love their soft shell crab sushi!  My first taste of their sushi was in Brisbane late last year at the Carindale Shopping Centre and I’d always wish that they will open one here in Perth.  My wish has come true 🙂

Sushi Sushi is like a sushi fast food store where you pick and choose the sushi that you like as they are sold individually, a la carte style.  Prices range from $2 – $3.50, and consist of various handrolls, inari sushi, tamago sushi etc.  A variety of salads (seaweed, squid, scallop, seafood) as well as beef tataki and sashimi packs are also available.  What is different and enticing about this place is their diversity in the sushi selection!  There are soft shell crab (yumyum!), duck, scallop, grilled unagi, grilled salmon, crispy chicken, tempura prawn sushi and many flavoured inaris.


A few selection we had for lunch:


The sushi as usual did not disappoint and the soft shell crab sushi is still as good as ever.  This is my first time trying their sashimi and they were fresh as well.  Love it!

For those who want to have a cheap, quick and delicious lunch, drop by at Sushi Sushi!  My next wish is that they would open a kiosk in the city.  I would go there for lunch every week 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Sushi Sushi
Telephone: 08 9316 3755
Address: Kiosk K43 Garden City Shopping Centre, 125 Riseley Street, Booragoon

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