V Burger Bar, Victoria Park

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V Burger Bar occupies half of what used to be Bintang Cafe in East Victoria Park, facing Albany Highway.  There was a great hype when it first opened as it seemed to be different from the usual franchised burger joints around the place, and the only one in Vic Park (good for me as I live so close!).

The burger bar itself is modern and clean.  It is open-aired with large tables (some may be too large) and a side bar area lined with high stools.  It is not a very big place so it could get quite congested during a busy dinner night.  Luckily the waiting time for seats are not too long due to the high turnover nature of this type of cuisine.


The menu is not too big but there is enough variety in there to keep one satisfied.  I had a hard time choosing the burger I wanted as they all seemed so attractive!

We ended up having the following:

  • Eggy Steaky ($15) – 150g steak, creamy melted Tasmanian brie cheese, fried egg, caramelised onion jam, mixed gourmet lettuce, tomato and aioli
  • Pepperizo ($13.80) – black peppered beef, mixed gourmet lettuce, Spanish chorizo sausage, chargrilled red pepper, aioli and V sweet tomato relish
  • Mr Pinky ($15) – Tasmanian salmon fillet, mixed gourmet lettuce, tomato, onion and honey  mustard dressing
  • UPGRADE of the burger to a meal with chips and a can of drink for an extra $5


The first thing I noticed when the burger came was how massive they were.  The Eggy Steaky and Pepperizo were stacked to the brim full with goodies.  It was hard to eat the burger in one bite (unless if you have a big mouth which I’m glad to say I’m not quite there yet :p).  I managed to try all three burgers and my two favourites were the Eggy Steaky and Mr Pinky.

The steak in the Eggy Steaky was juicy and tender and I’m sure was specially marinated as it was so tasty.  This in combination with the melting cheese, jam and aioli made it one big mess on the plate but it was oh-so enjoyable!  It was okay that the sauce were dripping through your fingers the whole time, you just lick them up and keep on going!  Yummo!  (Just remember to wash your hands before and after the meal though!)

Mr Pinky was right up there alongside Eggy Steaky with the chunky salmon and the honey mustard sauce that went so well with it.  I would order that again any day.  It was also so much easier to eat as it was smaller in size.  None of the sauce dripping business either.  Phew!

I didn’t quite like the Pepperizo as the taste of the chorizo/tomato relish didn’t blend in too well with the beef.  I rather eat them as individual items.  Chips were average as well, not as crunchy as I like them.

One thing I noted about this place is how friendly and chatty the staff were!  They were patient in explaining the menu and very accommodating with our requests.  We didn’t have to wait too long for the food either.  Overall it was a great experience.  I would definitely be back to try the other burgers!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

V Burger Bar
Telephone: 08 9355 3702
Address: 12/910 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Trading Hours

Monday: 5pm – 930pm

Tuesday to Thursday: 1130am – 930pm

Friday to Saturday: 1130am – 1100pm

Sunday: 1120am – 930pm

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