Event: “Chefs in the Shed”

The PFEs were invited to attend one of the food event organised by UWA Extension last Sunday, the inaugural “Chefs in the Shed”.  The event is the first of its kind, with Chef Don Hancey, Mondo di Carne butcher Vincenzo Garreffa and ABC TV and Radio’s Verity James walking through some tips and hints on how best to slow-cook beef, pork, lamb, chicken – and how well the slow-cooked meats go with rich and peppery wines on a cold winter’s day.  I was excited!

Before I continue with the actual event itself, a bit of details on what UWA Extension is about.  UWA Extension is  a community arm of the University of Western Australia providing events and short courses for the community ranging from photography, music, personal development, languages, science, etc and more importantly for me, food and wine.  Check out their website (click here)!  “Chefs in the Shed” is the first of a series of cooking events organised by them and is held in Don Hancey’s catering kitchen in Osborne Park.  It ran for 2 hours and ticket costs $99.

The location of the kitchen was quite obscure but I managed to get there with the help of signs and volunteers of the event standing on the street directing the cars (Good work!).  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was eager to find out!

This post will contain heaps of photos (a picture speaks a thousand words!)

What the place looked like…


Attendees were given a pamphlet filled with two of Vince Garreffa’s yummy recipes – a guide for cooking Beef Cheek and a 12 hour Lamb Shoulder which we managed to sample at the event!  (I wonder whether they will turn out as nice if I cook them 😛).

Close up of the kitchen and the meat!


The introduction by Cindy Siano – UWA Extension Program Manager (thanks for the invite :)) and the stars of the event…


And now..let the ‘lesson’ begins…with tips and hints rolling off Vince’s tongue for meat cuts, for cooking, for the right ingredients to use.  Tips included the temperature the oven should be set and the duration the meat should be cooked to achieve the perfect taste and tenderness!  Awesome!  I loved their emphasis on using homegrown products, the ‘real food’ in the dishes.  Most of the veggies used that day were homegrown…the celery, parsley, garlic etc.  It was quite an eye opener to see the difference between a home grown veg compared to those sold in the supermarket.


One great thing about this event was the food tasting and the wine matching part of the ‘lesson’!  The chefs and volunteers were busy in the background preparing and distributing the food for us to try!  (Thanks for the hard work!)  This is what we had:

  • Oyster Kilpatrick
  • Chicken Broth – simmered overnight, full of flavour


  • Calabrian Sausage – an Italian dried sausage made from mature sow with hint of chilli, aniseed and paprika.  Yummo!
  • Beef Cheek with Polenta


  • Beef Shoulder (stuffed with flavoured cheese, rocket and mushroom)
  • Bread with olive oil (The Olive oil is from 3 drops cellar and is delicious..more about this later)
  • Chicken pieces from broth – very tender!
  • Roast pork with crackle – love the crackle..gimme more!


As for the wine tasting that afternoon, we had a selection ranging from Riesling to Merlot to their special Cabernets (a blend of Cab Sauv and Cab Franc) from the 3 drops vineyard  in Mount Barker, WA.  They were nice!  Order can be placed online (click here for their website) as they don’t have an open cellar.  It’s definitely worth a try!  3 drops also produce premium olive oil and they tasted divine, sprinkled onto the baked bread.  I was fortunate to taste the before and after effect and it did make a difference!  I would have bought some if I didn’t already have a couple of bottles of olive oil sitting at home!


At the end of the event, prizes were given to nearly everyone and consisted of either meats from Mondo or a pot of home grown herbs/veggies.  A nice touch to end!


Overall, it was an awesome event, well planned, very entertaining and I enjoyed every moment of it. What I like most was seeing the passion the chefs had for the food they are preparing!  You can tell they are very proud of what they are doing!  Worth a visit the next time round for similar events.

Some comments from the attendees:

– “Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon”

– “Great Sunday lunch”

– “This is a meat lovers paradise – they make the best out of the worse meat cut and with local produce”

Future events can be found on the UWA Extension website.  The next one is the Classic cheese making class on Sat Jul 16 (10am – 430pm) $219 however I believe the class may be full.  Please join the mailing list if you are interested!

Narration by: Miss L



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