Rockpool Bar & Grill, Burswood


Rockpool Bar & Grill is a renowned restaurant in the Perth foodie scenery located in the Burswood Entertainment Complex.  I’d been meaning to try the restaurant out for ages but it had always been awfully hard to get the right timing and booking!  I finally managed to go one Sunday lunchtime.

Due to the hype surrounding the restaurant when it first opened, I was quite excited to see what the fuzz is all about.    Just from the entrance to the restaurant, you can tell that they have spent quite an effort jazzing up the place.  The impressive double wooden doors opened up to a candlelit walkway leading into the restaurant.  It  was quite magical.  The inside of the restaurant has a beautiful setting, with an open kitchen and a massive dining area.  What I like the most is the warm colours and lighting.  Very nice!


The waitstaff was quite attentive with our table which I thought was great, offering drinks as soon as we sat down, and explained the menu quite well, giving various opinions on the dishes.  He was also friendly which added a nice touch!  I didn’t felt like drinking that day so stuck with sparkling water while my sister ordered a lime drink.


To start of with, we were given complimentary crusty bread and butter. yum yum!

For entree, we had the following:

  • Sauteed white rocks veal sweetbreads and marron with almonds, oranges and rosemary ($35)
  • Crudo of pink snapper, ocean trout and yellow fin tuna with sorrel and lime flavoured extra virgin olive oil ($29)

This is my first time trying veal sweetbreads, which are actually the thymus glands of a calf.  They tasted quite good, similar in texture to liver but not as strong in taste.  Worth a try.  The crudo fish dish was great too, very fresh.  I like and wanted more!

For mains, we had:

  • Seafood from the Charcoal Oven – Coral trout served with herb salad and aioli ($55)
  • David Blackmore’s Wagyu corned silverside with horseradish, roasted onions and savoy cabbage ($49)
  • David Blackmore’s Dry aged full blood wagyu topside 240g 32 days ($52) with bearnaise sauce

 I ordered the Wagyu topside and it was the worst mistake of the day!  It was so chewy and tough that I spat 1/3 of it out!  I was actually warned by my sister whilst ordering that I should choose something else as she had tried this a few months earlier and said it was too chewy and was very hard to eat.  In my head I was thinking it can’t be that bad.  Even though it was a secondary cut,  it costs $52, it should at least be edible.  I was totally wrong! and totally flabbergasted that the restaurant could serve something like this!  What a disappointment!!

The Coral Trout and Wagyu Corned Silverside fared better and were actually quite good.  I was glad there were good dishes otherwise it would have been a total disaster of a lunch!

We also had the Wood Fired Grilled Broccolini ($18) and Sauteed Mixed Mushroom ($25) as sides.  The portion was very small and the broccolini was too salty.  Definitely overpriced.

Moving on, we ordered a dessert each to make up for the below par mains.  We had:

  • Hazelnut macaron and banana ice cream sandwich ($14)
  • Creme caramel ($21)
  • Black forest trifle ($25)
  • Warm rhubarb, strawberry and almond pudding with vanilla sauce ($25)
  • Long Mac and Vienna Coffee (I was surprised they couldn’t make us a vienna coffee but gave us a shot of coffee and separate cream.  Strange!)
I had the Hazelnut Macaron and Banana Ice Cream Sandwich and that was the best dish of the day.  I was quite impressed with it, the banana ice cream was not too sweet which complimented the macaron shell.  Very good!  I didn’t try too much of the other desserts but they were warmly welcomed.
We were also given complimentary Caramel Popcorn which was a bonus.  It was very addictive too!
Overall it was quite a disappointing lunch for me due to the Wagyu topside,  however my experience was saved by the yummy hazelnut macaron.  I did tell the wait staff about the steak and he said he would reflect our experience back to the chef.  At least the service was great.
Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Rockpool Bar & Grill
Telephone: 08 6262 1900
Address: Burswood Entertainment Complex, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood

Trading Hours

Lunch:  Sunday to Friday

Dinner: 7 days



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  • Katy

    October 31, 2011

    Thanks for the heads-up about the topside – I’ll definitely be skipping that one when I finally get a chance to go to Rockpool! The desserts look gorgeous, at least 🙂


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