West End Deli, West Perth

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West End Deli is located on Carr Street, the sleepy end of West Perth in terms of food and restaurant activity.  Surrounded mainly by houses, West End Deli seems to be the only cafe along this end of town.  A great location, as finding a parking spot is so much easier!  In fact, finding a parking spot is probably easier than getting a table in this cafe especially for a weekend breakfast/brunch.  Therefore get in there early to secure a table.  I’d been here twice in recent months and both times there was a 15 – 20 mins wait for table! (They only accept bookings from 12pm daily).

Stepping into the cafe, one is greeted with a warm and lively atmosphere.  With an open kitchen facing the door, one can also observe the chefs in action!  Great!

The cafe has a rustic appearance and outstanding decor, the most exceptional being the chairs hanging from the ceiling!  My first thought was, is that safe?!?  My “engineering brain” proceeded to analyse the situation, how many chains are holding up the chairs, how are they being tied etc.  I know…a bad habit, and it didn’t help as I was surrounded by ex-colleagues who are in the same profession as well!

   Anyways back to the topic of food, the menu contains a good selection of dishes with many special dishes on offer, not just the typical ones you find for breakfast.  I like!

We had the following for brunch:

  • Latte and Cappucino – coffee was nice! Deep flavours!
  • Eggs – Poached and Scrambled ($12 ea) – I ordered the Scrambled Eggs, highly recommended by my friend who frequented this place often and it was simply the best!  It came with pieces of freshly baked baguettes which was soft on the inside with a crunchy crust.  That, slabbed with butter and eggs was divine!  I ordered the exact same thing on my second visit as it was so good!  A ‘must order’!
  • Crepes, rhubarb, mascarpone & pistachios ($16) – only had a small bite but it tasted good!
  • Wholemeal pancakes, calvados cream, streaky bacon, maple syrup ($16) – thought it was slightly weird teaming bacon with pancakes and maple syrup but my friend liked this dish!
  • Corned beef hash, potato & fried egg ($24) – didn’t manage to try this but nice presentation.
  • Housed smoked salmon, brioche, creamed spinach, slow cooked egg & tobikko dressing ($24) – a few people on the table ordered this dish and their first reactions were, “You have to try this! It is so nice!”  I had a bite and was blown away.  It was truly a gourmet breakfast, I loved the flavours in the smoked salmon.  Combined this with the creamy spinach and running eggs on brioche was perfect.  I’m not a big smoked salmon fan but this did not have the overbearing taste that I dislike in smoked salmon.  Another ‘must order’!
  • Pork sausage ($23) – didn’t try this either, looked ordinary to me.

Service was ordinary but I didn’t mind too much as long as I get my food and drinks when they are ready.  It’s quite a casual cafe so I didn’t expect too much from them.  Overall, I was a very satisfied customer.  Although some of the dishes may be a bit pricey, as long as you pick the right dish, it was worth it.  My favourite Scrambled Eggs with Baguette was both awesome in price and taste!

To top it off, guess who I saw halfway through the meal?  Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris!!  That was at my first visit during the Good Food and Wine Festival!  *wahoo*  They were sitting behind us!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

West End Deli
Telephone: 08 9328 3605
Address: 95 Carr Street, West Perth

Trading Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 7am to 3pm

Thursday to Saturday: 7am – late (dinner from 630pm)
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