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It was my birthday and my family decided to take me out to dine at the Red Cabbage in South Perth.  Yay! Red Cabbage was one of the few restaurants that was given a 2 stars in the West Australian Good Food Guide 2012.  It has also won numerous awards in the restaurant and catering industry. Naturally I was excited!

The inside of the restaurant was posh with dark decor, almost mysterious looking.  This effect was more evident later on the night without the sun shining in.  We were ushered into the outer area where it seemed less formal and seated down promptly.

I didn’t quite like where we were seated as there was a damp smell to the area (most probably from the plastic rain cover right next to me!) but chose to ignore it, instead focusing on what we should  order.

From my seat, I was staring straight into Dom Perignon, and the champagne was calling out to me! 😛  However I didn’t get to order any as no one wanted it on the table and since I’d already had some at an earlier function, I abstained from alcoholic drinks (moderation is always the best policy!).  My sister ordered a Basil Mojito ($15).  It’s quite different from the usual.  My favourite is still the mojito from Minq Bar in Burswood. 

On to the food, we had the following for entree:

  • Scallops + smoked trout, braised fennel, saffron mayonnaise ($19)
  • A dozen mixed oyster ($36)
Before the entree came, we were given a complimentary creamy broth to start with.  I can’t remember what it was, but it was gone in two sips.  Not a bad starter.
Then the real food came…


One look at the dishes and you know they have put in a lot of effort into the presentation.  They looked amazing! and also tasted amazing! Succulent large lightly grilled scallops and melt in the mouth smoked trout.  It was too small to share!  Greedy me wanted it all to myself!  Luckily the oysters filled in the gap.

There were six flavours to choose from – Natural with grilled lime; Red nam jim dressing; Spanish chorizo; Tempura oysters + chips, pea puree, coriander + Japanese mayo; Yorkshire Kilpatrick Henderson’s relish; Steamed oysters with ginger, shallot, mirin + soy.  We picked three flavours (highlighted in green).  Oh my, they were good!  Very fresh and I especially like the tempura oysters, so intricate with the puree and chips.  Did not have the oily taste either.  Yummo!


A palate cleanser came after the entree.  Refreshing.

For mains, we ordered the following:

  • Salmon + kingfish, soy jelly, wasabi, coconut ($37)
  • Pheasant + osso bucco, beetroot puree, chocolate, fruit ($38)
  • Ranger Valley skirt steak, potato, mushrooms, English condiments ($38)
  • Smoked venison, goats cheese, cauliflower, capers ($38)
The Salmon + Kingfish was by far the most attractive looking of the four mains we ordered.  Not to say the others were ordinary looking, they were not!  Each of the dishes looked amazing (as the entree!)!  They were food art on plates, with bright symphony of colours and pretty shapes.  I love it.
In terms of taste, the Range Valley Steak was voted the best!  Tender, flavoursome and juicy beef, topped with my all time favourite mushies!  I didn’t get to try a big portion of any of the dishes as they were too small to share between us but one bite of the steak was enough to make me ask for more :).  The Smoked Venison didn’t fare too bad either.
The ordinary dish for the night was the Pheasant + Osso Bucco, and as usual, it was order by me! (I normally fail with the mains).  Not a big fan of a ‘sweet’ main, I was tempted to order this as it was their signature dish.  It was calling out to be ordered. The dish didn’t quite suit my tastebud, not that it was bad, it was just ordinary.  I would have preferred the tasty Ranger Valley steak.
We also ordered the Steamed Vegetables and the Special of the Day, Brussel Sprouts with Feta.  They were good complements to the main dishes and ok priced, ~$8 – $9
As the dishes were not big, we still had room for Coffee and Desserts!  I did not regret ordering them!
  • Long Mac and Latte ($3.90)
  • Apple + Rhubarb Crumble ($15)
  • Miniature of Red Cabbage’s fine desserts ($27) – a bit of everything in their dessert menu!
Once again, the desserts came looking like a piece of painting.  Have you ever seen a Apple + Rhubard crumble presented as such?  Big chunks of apple and rhubard laid on top of scattered nutty crumble.  It was beautiful!  Tasted beautiful too!  Love how the dessert tasted as good as it looked!
The Miniature fine desserts consisted of five different pudding desserts with the Chocolate + raspberries; Parsnip, thyme + honey; Tonka bean parfait + caramel popcorn and once again the Apple + Rhubard crumble.  I wasn’t too sure what the fifth dessert was, but there were all lovely!  More than lovely!
I was totally satisfied after the desserts!  They were so so pretty!!  Maybe I should change career and be a patissier (Hope my bosses do not read this blog :p)
Service was polished but not friendly.  I was trying to make conversation with them re the restaurant but they always came back with a one liner closed answer.  Maybe they were busy?  I would have preferred much more friendlier service.  A smile always do wonders!
Would recommend this place for the experience.  The entree and desserts were the highlights for me.  Very much impressed with the food presentation!!
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Red Cabbage Food + Wine
Telephone: 08 9367 5744
Address: 49/15 Labouchere Road, South Perth

Trading Hours

Tuesday: 6pm – 10pm

Wednesday – Friday: Lunch 12pm – 3pm; Dinner 6pm – 10pm

Saturday: 6pm – 10pm

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