Hwa Ro Korean Restaurant, Northbridge

Hwa Ro is a fairly new korean restaurant located on Aberdeen Street in Northbridge.  I was introduced to this restaurant by my hairdresser (Neo from K Three G) who is Korean.  He signed on the menu saying “show this and you’ll get 10% off”.  Cool!  With my sister (same hairdresser!), not only did he give the 10% discount but also marked on the menu which dishes are good.  With this recommendation in tow, we decided to try it out for dinner.

Hwa Ro is quite a big restaurant with alfresco dining at the front and spacious indoor seating.  It has a modern outlook with a casual atmosphere.  The first thing I noticed as soon as I walked in was the array of adjustable exhaust chutes hanging above each table.  Very nice!  No more smelly clothing after all the BBQing and cooking.  (The first time I saw these exhaust chutes was in a korean bbq house in Seoul.  I thought it was a brilliant idea.  Very glad to see this in Perth too!).  The second thing I noticed was the numerous koreans dining at this place.  Looking good by the minute!


One thing I must mention is their great calling system – a touch of button at the side and your table number is displayed on the wall near the drinks area indicating service is required.  No more yelling or frantic hand waving when one needs to get the attention of the waitstaff.  I like.  They were very prompt to react as well once the button is pressed.


I’d always wanted to try out korean alcohol (mainly influenced by watching korean series as they seem to enjoy it so much!) so I picked a nice looking one from the menu but unfortunately they ran out.  The girl recommended a Chum-Churum ($14) instead, which is a type of soju.  I tried asking her what it tasted like etc but did not get a good reply.  Tried another way of asking but still didn’t get anything.  I ordered it anyways, no harm trying plus the name sounded nice.  WRONG DECISION!  Chum-Churum is made of just alcali water and contains 19.5% alcohol, drank unmixed in a shot glass.  Such a wrong drink for a softy like me, I’m more the Toblerone / Mojito / Espresso Martini type of drinker.  Forced myself to down 2 shots and couldn’t take it anymore.  And the bottle is huge.  Eeks.  And Korean series are liars! Hahaha :p

For food, we ordered the following:

  • Ori Jumulluk ($25) – stir fry duck marinated in spicy and sweet sauce with seasonal vegetables
  • Kimchi Jjeem ($30) – boiled sliced pork in pork bone soup with a special sauce seasoned kimchi

Before the food came, the usual side dishes arrived with the rice.  Very nice, and great that they are refillable too.


The dishes came not too long after and they were quite big, reasonable though for the price.  The Ori Jumulluk was quite spicy, tasted good but I thought the duck meat itself was very fatty.  I had to keep on separating the fat from the duck before eating which became tedious at the end.  Maybe that is how it’s meant to be consumed, fat and all, but it didn’t feel too healthy for me.

The Kimichi Jjeem looked awesome.  It was placed on the gas burner as it arrived so we started eating not thinking too much of it as I thought the flames were there just to keep it warm.  However we were stopped by the manager who told us that we needed to wait for the dish to cook further before eating.  What?! It would have been nice for the waitstaff to inform us when she first put down the dish.  Now we were left wondering how long we needed to wait before we can start eating.  That aside, the dish itself is very tasty, tender sliced pieces of pork soaked in seasoned soup blended with the sourish kimchi taste.  Appetizing!  My sister liked it so much that she went back another day for it!

Overall it was a nice meal and I would be back again to try their Kkochi set, assortment of meat on skewers which you can bbq on the table.  The service was ok although I think the waitstaff needs to be more proactive in explaining the dishes especially to people not familiar with korean food.  That would definitely be a big help!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Hwa Ro Korean Restaurant
Telephone: 08 9228 8823
Address: 118 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

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