Lamont’s Wine Store, Cottesloe

It was my BFF’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to take her out somewhere nice for lunch.  My first choice was the latest Mexican food trend, La Cholita, but unfortunately they were closed for Sunday lunch.  Next, Venn Bar, closed too!  Next next, Lamont’s Bishop House, no luck! Finally, we decided on Lamont’s Wine Store in Cottesloe.  Open, check!  I didn’t think it would be that hard to find a nice restaurant for a Sunday lunch but turned out the foodie aura was not on my side!  Eeks!


Lamont’s Wine Store is located on Station Street, an unassuming spot in Cottesloe.  It was pretty quiet since all the surrounding shops were closed so we found parking quickly.

The Lamont’s in Cottesloe, aptly named the Wine Store has an enoteca theme, a hub for visitors to sample different wines with a view to buying them or enjoying with the nibbles on the menu.  The “First Sunday Tapas Series” launched on the day we went as well, however as the BFF did not want to have the degus, we ordered straight from the menu.  Tapas menu, yay love them!  I could tell the host was disappointed though!  Maybe next time!

On entry, one would be amazed at the varieties of wines on display, stacked on racks, refrigerated, you name it!  Tables were placed on one side of the store with an open kitchen on the other side.  I spied a small private room at the back too – I would assume that’s where the specialist tasting is held when classes are on.


We ordered some Lemon Lime Bitters and a glass of Lamont’s Vintage Sparkling 2009 (dry, pink) from Margaret River, WA ($12) for drinkies.


Being the wine noob I am,  I totally chose the wrong drink.  (I don’t know how I used to be able to upsell wines at the Hyatt restaurant I worked in – either the customers felt sorry for me or I was good at talking nonsense!)  It was dry (durh, it said so on the menu!) and quite strong.  Wasn’t really to my taste.  What I really wanted was a rose type of wine…let me show you one of my favourite from the Hunters…

We were at the Harrigan’s Irish Pub in Hunter Valley last year and fell in love with this wine!  It was sweet, refreshing and very easy to drink.  There were 7 of us and I think we each down nearly a bottle each!  Yummo!  How I wish I can have a glass now!  

Anyways before I digress further, let’s get back to the food at Lamont’s.  We had the following:

  • Venison chorizo, grilled lemon ($9.50)
  • Field mushroom, hazelnut gremolata ($14.50)
  • Blue swimmer crab, crushed pea, lemon colonna ($17.50)
  • Pancetta wrapped scallops, kaffir lime butter ($17.50)
  • Gnocchi, butternut pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, burnt sage butter ($28.50)


My favourites for the day were the Pancetta wrapped scallops and the Gnocchi with butternut pumpkin.  The scallop tasted so succulent and tender and I loved the flavour that the pancetta brought to the dish.  Yum!  My next favourite is the Gnocchi with butternut pumpkin.  Normally not a fan of gnocchi, as very often the ones I’d tried tasted like plain flour dough, this dish was the total opposite.  The whole gnocchi pieces were tasty!  I like!  Alot!  The burnt sage with butter also added a different dimension to the dish.  Very nice!

The Field Mushroom was also good as with any mushroom, however I found the cheese overpowering the dish in this instance.  The Venison chorizo was good too but also too overpowering to eat by itself.  We had to order some bread to go with them.

My least favourite was the Blue swimmer crab, and funnily enough that was my choice to order.  It was very bland and I could not taste the freshness of the crab.  This was quite surprising as I thought this was one of the more popular dishes from the restaurant.  Maybe I just have a different taste?

For dessert, we had:

  • Ginger pudding, mango, creme anglaise ($9.50)
  • Buttermilk pannacotta, passionfruit ($9.50)


And not to forget my ever faithful Long Macchiato

The desserts were awesome!  I love the combination of the mango and creme anglaise with the Ginger Pudding, they brought alot of moisture to the ginger pudding which would have otherwise been dry.  The Buttermilk pannacotta themed with the sourness of the passionfruit was to die for.  I regretted not ordering it!  I managed to refrain myself from ‘trying’ too much of this dish, otherwise I might have finish the whole thing.

The service was friendly but needing improvement in some areas.  For example, the waitstaff did not notice that our cutlery was missing after the food were brought out, he did not know where our bottle of water went and did not take any initiative in offering us bread with our tapas, especially with the chorizo.  (I was at the Aviary just a few weeks back and the waitress was good enough to suggest the bread with our chorizo order – a reminder that’s still fresh in my brain!).  Overall though it was still a very pleasant meal.  I would come again to this casual yet elegant restaurant.

PS:  A great shout out (singing Happy happy birthday) and welcome back to my BFF to Perth!  Can’t wait to go on more food adventures with you! 🙂

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Lamont’s Wine Store
Telephone: 08 9385 0666
Address: 12 Station Street, Cottesloe

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Open daily from noon till late

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