Asian Night Kitchen, Claremont Quarter

Last night I decided to visit the Asian Night Kitchen at CQ after reading what is on offer on their website:

“On the menu to tantalise the tastebuds will be Thai tapas, Japanese pancakes and pastries, onyaki balls, Singaporean curries and noodles, asian style crepes and much more”.

Sounds awesome!  My excitement grew as dinner time drew closer.

The Asian Night Kitchen is held outside the square facing St Quentin Avenue, right where Atomic and Koko Black are situated.  We arrived around 7pm and was amazed at how packed the place was….and also how pretty they have decorated the area.  There were bright lanterns and lights hanging from the stalls and the eating area.  It was so beautiful!  The atmosphere was also buzzing with chatters, laughs and merriment all around!


We surveyed the stalls and came to a realisation that there was a queue for all the stalls!  There were six stalls in total – I think it was a case of too many people, not enough food stalls.  We started off lining up at Kitsch which were selling Corn Fritters with plum sauce, Sticky Pork Ribs and Chicken & Prawn Laksa.  

The stall next door was selling sweets and snacks and as the line was short, I jumped over to get some Curry Puffs.  Besides that, they were also selling Boxing Chicken, Spring Rolls and Assorted Kuehs.  The Curry Puff ($3ea) was a good filler while we waited in line, it was gone in 3 bites.


We got tired of waiting at Kitsch and so decided to head over to the Satay on Charcoal stall (the meat on grill aroma was too enticing!).  On sale were Satays, Curry Puffs, Samosas, Nasi Lemak, Fried Chicken Wing.  We waited 20mins or so before getting to the front of the line!  Finally!  We had the Satay Plate ($9) and Nasi Lemak ($7) with an extra Fried Chicken ($2.50).


The Satays were yummy, freshly grilled at the stall, and I loved the satay sauce that was piled on and the ketupat (rice dumpling) that came along with them.  The Nasi Lemak was great too!  The sambal was not too hot and had a sweet taste to it and the Fried Chicken Wing was well marinated.  Tasty!  The best part though was the crunchy peanut and ikan bilis!  They were so good!

The stall next to this is the Fumi’s Japanese Pancake and Noodles and the line was extremely long too.  We decided to skip this stall, but here are some pics of the cook in action.  Looks good doesn’t it?


The next one along was the Canteen and they had some pretty cool things on offer, Pork Belly Buns, Salmon, Watermelon + Coconut Salad, Tasting Plate etc.  There were only two items left by the time we got round to the stall, and there was also a wait for the Pork Belly Buns so we decided to skip this.  The Pork Belly Buns though looked amazing (from spying the final product earlier in the evening).


The next stall is the Japanese Savoury Pastries stall.  There was also a line to this but as this is the last stall we decided to wait (no more stalls to skip :P).  It was nice to see the ladies hard at work making their version of the ‘Takoyaki’ balls for us to enjoy (no squid but with cheese).  They tasted very good to me but my friend found them doughy.  They were 8 for $7.50 with your choice of sauce.


One thing that saved this whole long queues and waiting process were the great entertainment on the night.  There were traditional chinese dancing, kung fu performances and live music.  I especially like the girl singing at the end, she sounded awesome!  She’s part of a band called a Spoonful of Sugar.  Totally digged it!


By the time we finished around 830pm, there were still queues to the stalls!!

All in all I really enjoyed myself even with the long wait.  The atmosphere of the place was a major contributor.  There was also an Asian style cocktail bar in the corner but no more queues for me.  We left, did some shopping and ended up having our drinks at Koko Black instead.

The Asian Night Market is on every Thursday night 6- 9pm in March so there are still two weeks left (22nd and 29th of March) to visit this event if you have not done so already.  But be warned of the wait!

…..Still worth the wait though 🙂

Narration by: Miss L



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