Mom Dumpling House, East Victoria Park

Mom Dumpling House is located on Albany Highway, at the upper corner near the kidney bean roundabout.  I spied this restaurant a couple of months back when it was still under renovation and made a note to try this place out when it’s open.  Driving past it again this week, I saw that it was packed even on a Monday night!  Good sign.

The restaurant is quite small in size, simple in decoration but has a chinesey feel to it – with red lanterns hanging from the ceiling, chinese writings on the wall and most prominently, a TV screen broadcasting guys singing Chinese opera.  Hmm!  The restaurant was more than half filled by the time we arrived and got busier later on.

It has a simple menu but I got quite excited as I found alot of dishes on there that I have never eaten before.  I love trying out new food!  Talking to the manager, he told us that they serve Northeastern chinese cuisine, the part of China just below Russia, near Mongolia.  This type of cuisine is quite rare in Perth I thought.  Researching slightly into this area, I found that this was where the Manchurians originated (they were the clan that formed the Qing dynasty).  Ooo!  Note: Apologies if I have made any wrong inferences with my 10 mins google search.  Feel free to correct any of my assumptions!

We ordered the following:

  • House special cold mix salad ($17)
  • Chives, pork & shrimp steam dumpling ($11)
  • Dough drop and assorted vegetable soup ($12)
I like how the vinegar and chilli oil are readily available on the table!
The food…
The House special cold mix salad was something quite different!  It consisted of cucumber, black fungus, carrot, different types of beancurd and translucent noodles served with what I thought was a fermented beancurd sauce.  You need to mix the salad at the table.  It was quite tasty! I like the special noodle which has a bite to it.
The Chives, Pork & Shrimp Dumpling was a huge dish!  You get 12 per serve, less than $1 for one. It was similar to the Siao Loong Bao with a soupy filling but yet different.  The filling in each dumpling was substantial and I especially like the outer casing.  Even though it may look doughy, it actually had some sort of flavour to it and was chewy.  Like!  My sister on the other hand did not like the casing.
The Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetables Soup was something unexpected.  My sis wanted to order this dish as she thought it was similar to a Malaysian noodle she likes (not sure what it’s called in English but translated from Chinese as mouse noodle).  She was so wrong!  It was basically just dough cooked in vegetable soup!  The soup was quite flavoursome but got a bit heavy and salty at the end.  This was our least favourite dish.
(This dish reminded me of something I ate in Suzhou, China a few years back for a work trip where we were given bread to break at the table which was subsequently taken away to be cooked in a lamb broth.  The funny thing was no one told us what we were meant to do so we just copied the people around us in bewilderment.  It took us a good 20mins or so to finish breaking the huge bread.  I’d always wondered why they can’t do it in the kitchen themselves?  Quite a bizarre experience!)  I like how this restaurant does it for us!
In Suzhou…breaking bread! Haha…

Overall, I liked the food in Mom Dumpling House and I would go back again to try their other dishes. They all looked yummy as I spied them on the other tables.  A good restaurant to try for something different!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Mom Dumpling House
Telephone: 08 9470 2088
Address: 687 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

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