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The Aviary is located in the one40william building in the City of Perth – almost opposite the Japanese restaurant, Iku Sushi and on top of the Perth Underground railway station. It is a stylish two-storey bar/restaurant with the restaurant “The Bird Cage” and the Lounge Bar situated on the first level and a rooftop bar “The Nest” on top.

The Aviary was heavily publicized leading up to its opening and was much talked about even after, making it the place to be for after work drinks, functions, casual bites and formal dining.  On this occasion we were there for dinner, so we turned left at the entrance and headed towards The Bird Cage 🙂

The restaurant decor was not as fancy as I had envisaged but the dimming effect of the lighting made it less obvious.  We were seated next to a pillar lined with scanned pages from books.  I never quite got the idea of how the bird cage/nest theme has any correlation to books, as the backdrop of the bar is of book shelves as well.  How are they related? Really escapes me.  I had a peek over the Lounge Bar and it looked nice!  Almost wish I was dining there instead!


The menu…

For drinks, we had the following:

  • Elderflower Mojito ($18)
  • Puffin out of the Cage ($18)
  • The Woodpecker ($18)
My friend deliberated on her cocktail choice and decided on the Elderflower Mojito due to the special ingredient of elderflower in it recommendation by the staff.  However when she had a taste, she thought it tasted exactly like a normal Mojito.  After commenting on this to the staff, and the staff noticing that she was not happy, asked whether she wanted to change it.  I thought it was very nice that they offered!  She ended up with a  Woodpecker instead, which was bombay gin with orange and orange blossom water.  Looked fancy but tasted normal.
Being enticed by the name, I had the Puffin out of the Cage which was drambuie, vanilla liquer in lime and canberry juice.  It was quite nice!  Happy!
We moved to the entree and ordered the Ginger & Nori Fried Squid ($13).  We initially wanted to try the Spanish chorizo and the staff recommended to order bread with it otherwise the dish may be too salty.  We didn’t want to stuff ourselves for starters so opt to change to the squid instead.  I thought the staff was really helpful with the recommendation!  It’s great when they give you tips like this!  That’s what service is all about!  The Fried Squid ended up being a great choice as it was very yummy, crispy with a light batter.  Love the sauce that came with it!
For mains and dessert, we had:
  • Crab preserved lemon & cherry tomato risotto with seared scallop and roe ($37)
  • Roast pork belly, prawn relish, green paw paw and coconut salad ($38)
  • Coconut panna cotta, coconut sorbet, chilli pineapple jam & lychee ($14)
  • Pecan & maple pie with nougat ice cream ($14)

The mains were amazing!  I had the Roast Pork Belly and it tasted divine – tender pork belly, sticky and crunchy skin with the freshness of the green paw paw and coconut salad.  The staff recommended the pork belly as it was one of the specialty.  Great pick!  I tasted the Crab and Scallop Risotto and it was great too especially the melt in the mouth scallops.  Happy x 2!

I was quite full at this stage but thought I couldn’t leave without trying the desserts, and it was good that we did.  The Coconut Pannacotta was very refreshing flavoured by the chilli pineapple jam and lychee – it was my first time trying this kind of sauce.  It was nice and grew on me.  The Pecan & Maple pie on the other hand was very sweet and the nougat ice cream added even more to the sweetness.  This is really the dish for all the sweet tooths out there! Somehow I managed to finish it and had a big sugar rush! Hehe

Overall it was an enjoyable dinner with great and friendly service.  I love the recommendations by the staff!  I’m glad I decided to try this place out even though I’d heard average reviews from friends.  Would be back again!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

The Aviary
Telephone: 08 9226 0259
Address: 140 William Street, Perth

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On the other hand, I went to “The Nest” – Rooftop Bar two weekends ago and didn’t quite like it.  The atmosphere was good, there was a huge crowd, but drinks were costly – the Espresso Martini I ordered was $22! Bar staff was being a smart alec.  And they do not accept credit card!!??  I ran out of cash after buying one round of drinks!  Not very convenient at all!  The bad definitely outweighted the good!



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