Sayers Sister, Northbridge

After a failed attempt to lunch at a Japanese restaurant with a Scoopon voucher I bought (no seats!), I decided to head to Sayers Sister in Northbridge for brunch.  They had just started trading a few days ago and it would be the first weekend since their opening, my excitement rose a notch as I drove there.  As expected the place was packed!  We had to sit on the outside area right under the sun.  Not too bad I supposed, but would have preferred the inside.  I spied a very modern fit out, similar in style to Sayers but much brighter.  Like!

The excitement stop short after I had a look at the menu.  Hmm not much on offer I thought, there seemed to be less variety than Sayers.  I tried to look for the savory dishes stated on the menu but couldn’t find the food on display.  Where are they?  I detected some cakes/muffins next to the counter, placed on the long table where the customers were seated.  Not a very good spot.  I couldn’t check them out as I didn’t want to hover too near others while they were eating.  Sigh, not a good start.

Then we found out also that you can’t pay by card. My sister and I had to scrummage through our wallet to come up with the cash.  Ergh.  At least we got a cute table tag for our meal.

We ordered the following:

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Latte
  • Chicken Snitzel sandwich, aioli, bocconcini, fresh tomato & rocket ($19.90)
  • Coriander & cumin beans tagine, babaganoush, poached egg, toasted linseed ($15.50)

Same as Sayers, the drinks were superb.

The Chicken Snitzel came out looking very ordinary but tasted good, and not like your usual “fast food” type of snitzel.  Phew!  I would have expected so.  I ordered the Beans Tagine – it came out looking very impressive but I actually did not enjoy the dish that much.  It was like a thick bean soup.  There was only one piece of bread given with it so it got a bit overpowering at the end with nothing to eat it with.  Luckily there were a few spares from the Chicken Snitzel I could steal off.  I think it was not my kind of dish.  Funnily I was reading the inflight magazine on a Qantas flight last week and the author was fully raving about this dish.  That just goes to show how different one’s palate is!

All in all, I was disappointed with the brunch.  The service however was great, friendly and attentive.  It was their first weekend trading so hopefully things will get better further down the track!

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Sayers Sister
Telephone: 08 9227 7506
Address: 236 Lake Street, Northbridge

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