Small Print Baker & Roastery, Perth


Small Print Baker & Roastery is one of four eateries in Print Hall, the new multi-level dining venue located in Brookfield Place.  It is the most casual eatery as well, situated in the basement level with a simple decor, framed with glass walls.  We opted to sit outside to enjoy the sunshine warmth.  Love the atmosphere!

Small Print does not sell cooked food (as far as I know) but offers a selection of pies, pasties, croissants, sandwiches, baguettes and sweets on display at the counter.


We had the following:

  • Long Macchiato & Hot Chocolate
  • Lamb Hot Pot Pie ($7)
  • Chicken Mushroom Pie ($7)
  • Duck & White Bean Pastie ($6.50)
  • Croissant ($4)

My usual Long Mac order – it was pretty good!  Strong and intense, how I like it!

The overall consensus on the food was that they were great!  Each dish came with a side salad and some kind of salsa sauce at no extra cost (I was surprised at this!).  I had the Duck + White Bean Pastie which sounded really gourmet, I haven’t had a duck and white bean combination in a pastie before.  It was delicious and full of meat.  I like!

I will definitely be back again to try the chicken mushroom pie and their sweets.  Prices are  reasonable for its location!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Small Print Baker & Roastery
Telephone: 08 6282 0022
Address: 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth
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  • Christian Rene Friborg

    November 21, 2012

    That croissant looks delish! Great post.


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