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The Apple Daily Bar & Eating House is located on the first level of the iconic Print Hall situated on St Georges Terrace.  As it is named after a Hong Kong’s popular daily newspaper, I was quite intrigued with what type of food that would be served here. I imagined it would be a jazzed up dimsum like theme served tapas style. Not quite. The menu showcased a variety of South East Asian cuisine, street food snacks as well as bigger sharings. Interesting!

There is a no booking policy at this restaurant so we decided to head there early at 6pm to avoid the queue. This is on a Saturday night. Great decision as there was minimal wait. We were ushered past the booths area to the back and was seated on a large square communal table with high chairs. Not too bad I supposed – we looked around and it was nearly fully packed! It was still so early!

Inside the restaurantLooking towards the hallway

Our drinks:

  •  Daily Apple $10 – fresh apple on rye
  • Yes Sensei! (non-alcoholic version)
  • One Hot Night in Mumbai $18 – sweet tea daily with golden rum and almonds

Daily AppleYes Sensei!One Hot Night in Mumbai

The cocktail menu had some interestingly named drinks..Hong Kong Hanky Panky, White Lady Boy haha – I chose the ‘One Hot Night in Mumbai‘. It tasted like bubbletea except alcoholic! There were even sago inside the drink! I liked it!

For food, we had:

  • Soft rice rolls blue manna crab $7 each – similar to the vietnamese spring rolls with the rice paper skin except with crab filling. I like the dipping sauce filled with peanuts!

Soft rice rolls blue manna crab

  • Stir fired diamond bay clams, XO sauce, rice drops $30 – I didn’t quite like this dish, the clams were chewy and the sauce was too hot (spicy). There were insufficient rice drops in there as well – a few spoonful and they were gone.

Clams with XO sauce and rice drops

  • Pilipino sausage, sticky rice, achar, lettuce cups $16 – this was the favourite dish of the night! Eaten ‘sang choy bow’ style, the sausage gets wrapped inside the lettuce cup along with the sticky rice, nuts & herbs. Awesome! The achar was great too. Must order!

Pilipino sausage, sticky rice, achar, lettuce cups

  • Salt water duck, spring onion, flower bun, hoisin sauce $32 – similar to ‘peking duck’ except duck pieces are wrapped in the flower bun with the cucumber and spring onion as opposed to duck skin wrapped with pancake. True to its label, the duck was very salty. Learnt it after the first bite, less hoisin sauce in the next wrap please. The flower bun was extremely soft and fluffy. Love the texture.

Salt water duck with flower bun

All the pieces together

For dessert, we ordered the only two on the menu:

  • Pineapple, young coconut, star anise ice cream $14 (left item in the pic)
  • Palm sugar custard, black rice, coconut sago, campur fruits $14 (right item in the pic)


The Palm sugar custard with black rice, coconut sago and campur fruits was favoured over the Star anise ice cream. Similar to the traditional ‘pulut hitam’ except with the fruits. It was great. I found it interesting that they have used a Malay word in the menu (campur = mixed). Definitely sounded more exotic than just plain ol’ mixed fruit.

Overall it was a great dining experience with some interesting items on the menu. Service was ok, simple and average. We ordered we got our food. Nothing more, nothing less. Prices may be on the steep side compared to what you would get but they befit the establishment. I would be back for the sausage and duck!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

The Apple Daily Bar & Eating House
Telephone: 08 6282 0088
Address: 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth
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  • Sarah

    May 16, 2013

    Was the crab in the rolls fried or fresh ? And did they have noodles inside or just veg ?


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