Cotta Cafe, Crown (& Richie Ren’s concert)

As part of another Chinese New Year celebration, my sister and I went to the Richie Ren’s concert held at the Crown Theatre last week. Richie Ren is a popular singer/actor in Taiwan and I had been his fan for more than 10 years…imagine my excitement when I found out he was coming to Perth. No singer ever comes to Perth! (as we have a much smaller Asian community compared to Melbourne and Sydney). I couldn’t believe he was coming!

We had dinner at Modo Mio – hehe very un-Chinese like, not that we are following any theme :p (Photos of the dinner here [click]). As we didn’t book, they only gave us 1.5 hours at the table. We decided to head elsewhere for dessert, and came upon Cotta Cafe.

Cotta Cafe is situated inside the casino itself. It has a very bright and trendy decor, and a cabinet full of goodies. I forgot to take photos! But trust me, they look awesome! We ordered a Peppermint Tea and Long Mac for drinks and had the following for desserts:

  • Tiramisu ($7.50) – the price is steep for such a small piece but hey, it’s the Crown. I like the chocolate decoration piece and the golden balls. Taste is ok, I don’t think you can compare it with the ones you get at an Italian restaurant.


  • Red Velvet Chocolate Whoopie Pie ($5.50) – I was so full from dinner but I just had to get this. I had never seen a dessert so attractive! Simple concept but looked awesome. It tasted great too! 

Red Velvet Chocolate Whoopie Pie

If you possess a Crown Club member card, you get 10% discount at Cotta. Nice!

Rating:  3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Cotta Cafe
Telephone: 9362 7551
Address: Crown Perth, Great Eastern Highway
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Crown had made an effort with CNY this year…check out the pretty lantern lighted tree in the lobby!

CNY tree

And here is Richie Ren …isn’t he a cutie!  A smile that melts heart 🙂

Richie Ren on screen



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